Realm Royale Small Image

Realm Royale Enters Free-to-Play Open Beta on Xbox One

We here at Heroic Leap Games are excited to announce that Realm Royale is launching into open beta and free to play today for all Xbox One users.

Many of you have already played Realm Royale in our closed beta, and we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on the game over the past few months. If you’re a new player who didn’t get a chance to play during our closed beta, we’d like to welcome you to play Realm Royale today to experience all that it has to offer, and to help us continue to refine and improve the game in the future.

Realm Royale is a fantasy-themed battle royale which allows you to choose a class and then loot, or craft, weapons and abilities during the course of a match to customize your champion to fit your playstyle. Players can mount on their trusty steeds for faster travel around the map, and can queue in solo, duo, or squad modes.

We’re also launching our second Battle Pass along with our open beta. Titled “Steel and Shadow”, this Battle Pass allows players to earn 80 levels of rewards themed around ninjas and pirates. Start earning rewards today just for playing with the Free Pass! We hope that you’ll use the cosmetics offered in this Battle Pass to show your support in the age old debate: Pirates or Ninjas?

Whether you’re a returning player who played in our closed beta, or a new player who will be jumping in to the open beta for the first time, we welcome you, and we’ll see you in the Realm! Download for free today on the Microsoft Store.