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A Message from the Localization Team: “Store” in Other Languages

We’ve been reviewing feedback from many of our Xbox Insiders from around the world about the term “Store” and how it sometimes appears in an untranslated way in non-English languages. As always, we appreciate hearing all your helpful feedback, especially when you see incorrect translations in the Xbox One Experience.

Because of these reports, we wanted to take a moment to talk about the appearance of the word “Store” on the Xbox One. The reason this term is stylized in English, no matter your language setting, is because the official name of our marketplace is the Microsoft Store. It’s available around the world, across Windows, Xbox, online and even in physical retail. Due to the global nature of our brand, we don’t localize our name and it always shows up in English in long and short forms.

When deciding on how the Microsoft Store should show up on Xbox consoles and elsewhere, our branding team reached out to localization experts and users around the world to decide the best course of action. The majority of respondents recommended keeping the name “Store” in English, which is why you see the word as you do today!

We hope that clarifies a bit about why you’ve continued to see “Store” in a language other than your own, even after you provided feedback about it in the past. As for other translations you see, please do continue to send us feedback. Thank you, and happy gaming!

-The Localization Team