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Make a Date with the Black Desert Open Beta February 14 – 17

This Valentine’s Day, you’re invited to gear up for Black Desert’s final open beta – click here to sign up on Xbox One. From February 14 12:00 a.m. PST to February 17 11:59 p.m. PST, Black Desert will be available for all North America and European players with Xbox Live Gold to experience the new fantasy-action MMORPG on Xbox One.

Following Black Desert’s previous beta, the development team used community feedback to make new changes to the user experience and in-game content. Of note, you’ll find decreased motion blur, loot time, and other quest improvements within the final open beta.

Black Desert

Perhaps one of the most exciting new features available now is Node Wars, a PvP feature allowing guilds to battle over specific nodes in the world of Black Desert. Join a guild or create your own to attack or defend your node regions – those who are victorious can collect taxes and extend their power. Available for testing during the final open beta, Node Wars will be officially added after the launch of Black Desert, allowing guilds to become more established before waging war.

Black Desert is a living, breathing world, and the new Trade life skill enables players to trade between towns and cities for higher profits. In addition, today’s beta introduces an economy system, the Central Market. Players can now yield maximum profit by assessing the supply and demand of goods obtained from their adventures, including weapons, armor, food, crafted items, and more.

Black Desert

To bring together Black Desert’s growing community, look out for special events hosted by Black Desert game masters — from fireworks to mine cart races. All final open beta participants will be awarded with a special title upon the game’s official release as well as the Calpheon Chubby Dog for players that achieve Level 30!

Black Desert will officially be released March 4, 2019. Pre-order the Deluxe and Ultimate editions today on the Microsoft Store. Each edition offers early access starting March 1 for the Ultimate Edition, as well as exclusive in-game items tailored to each tier.

Black Desert

We hope to see you all in the final open beta. For more information regarding Black Desert visit our website here.

Black Desert will launch on Xbox One March 4. Pre-order today via the Microsoft Store.