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Help Us Investigate Blurred Text and Images on Dashboard

Some of our Xbox Insiders in the Alpha and Alpha – Skip Ahead rings have reported an issue where certain text and images appear blurred or screens are obscured by a white box in areas like Profile, Home and the Avatar Editor. Our engineering team is looking through these reports to better understand what’s happening and believe it’s triggered by moving between 4K content and the dashboard on an Xbox One X. That said, we’d also like your help to fully understand this bug.

Text Missing on Dash

If you encounter text that is difficult to read or has been replaced by grey or white boxes, or a Home screen with an unexpected white overlay, please be sure to let us know using the “Report a problem” tool. Please be as detailed as possible in your reports, including as much of the following as you can:

  • A screenshot of what you’ve encountered
  • Whether restarting your console resolved the problem
  • If this behavior began shortly after launching or closing out of a game or app
  • If this behavior is occurring on more than one console in your home, and if so, which versions of the Xbox One console you’re seeing this behavior on