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Paradox Interactive and Xbox Join Forces to Launch Paradox Mods

We are absolutely thrilled that Paradox Interactive has teamed up with Microsoft to release Paradox Mods on Xbox One! Now, for the first time, PC mod creators have a direct line to showcase and publish their work for Xbox One gamers to enjoy — making this a momentous day for gamers and modders everywhere.

Surviving Mars, our survival strategy simulator, is the first game to support Paradox Mods, offering new ways to experience life on the red planet. To celebrate, we want to give you a small taste of the user-created content that is now available (or coming soon!) for Surviving Mars on Xbox One:

Paradox Mods

Forest Greenhouse

Now you have another option of producing oxygen with the self-contained Forest Greenhouse from Silva. These totally automated oxygen-producing domes are perfect if you’re looking for a life support system that isn’t as affected by darkness or dust storms. As an added bonus, you can place Botanists near the dome to boost the Forest Greenhouse’s oxygen output.

Paradox Mods

Martian Car Wash

No one wants to drive a dirty ride, so why should you look at one? Well, now you can clean them up with the Martian Car Wash mod from ChoGGi. Any time your Martian vehicles get dirty, simply have them drive over this pad and watch as all the dust is blown away. While this only affects how the vehicle looks, we think it’s cool to see the vehicles restored to their pristine glory.

Paradox Mods

Surviving Röhm

Colonizing Mars wouldn’t be complete without competitors. With the Surviving Röhm mod from Klyte45, Mars will be jam-packed with rivals competing for the limited resources on the red planet. Check this one out if you’re looking for some friendly competition while establishing your colony on Mars.

Modifying your game may sound complex if this is your first experience with mods, but not to worry! To help, we’ve built a user-friendly experience from scratch that makes adding mods to your Xbox One games easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Log into your Paradox Account from the Surviving Mars title screen
  2. Open the “Mod Manager” at the bottom of the screen
  3. Browse and select the mods that sound cool, fun, or both — and the game will download and add them to your playing experience!

Voila! Now those mods are playable on your Xbox One!

Modding has long been an important part of our community and our players have always found creative ways to engage with our games. Whether it’s adding wildlife to the barren planet, giving all the colonists giant heads, or coming up with something completely zany and original, we hope that you will let your imaginations run wild and experiment with new ways to play on Xbox One.

Paradox Mods currently includes more than 30 mods available for gamers to download and play on Xbox One. If you want to see them for yourself, you can check out the full Paradox Mods library here:

We are proud to join Microsoft on this journey to expand the way players enjoy games on consoles and offer new ways for modders to share their content. While Surviving Mars is the first, we plan to add Paradox Mods support for other Paradox titles soon — so be on the lookout!