Xbox Insider Program

Windows Gaming and more State of Decay slots now available!

Thank you to everyone who signed up for the State of Decay flight on version 18334. We received an overwhelming response to the flight and are very grateful for your support!  

Today, in addition to State of Decay we also have some exciting news to share about flighting additional Windows Gaming features. In the coming days / weeks / months – you will find us using this flight ring to give you a preview of the latest and greatest things we are building for our gaming audience.   

To get everything this ring has to offer, we would recommend that you are on Windows 10 version 18329 or higher. But there is something even for those of you who are on older versions of Windows 10 (17763).  

REMINDER: BattlEye software (used by Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and other popular games) does not work correctly with builds flighted to the Windows Insider Fast ring since December. If you have a machine that is not already enrolled in Windows Insider Fast, and you play games that use BattlEye software, we recommend you do not join Windows Insider Fast on that personal computer. We are working closely with BattlEye and individual games are being updated with new BattlEye software to make sure they work properly with new Windows builds. 

Here is a quick overview of the instructions to join the ring: 

  1. If you have an Xbox Live Gamertag (you most likely have one already if you are reading this!), go to step 2 below. If you don’t have a Gamertag, use your Microsoft Account (MSA) to log into and create an Xbox account. Once completed, you will see your Gamertag in the top right of the page.   
  2. Install the Xbox Insider Hub app on the PC you’ll be flighting on (link opens in Store app).   
  3. Sign in to the Xbox Insider Hub with your Gamertag.   
  4. Select Insider Content in the upper left 
  5. Select Windows Gaming 
  6. If you are on 18329 or higher, you will be automatically enrolled into Game bar. You can then manually enroll into the flight for State of Decay: Year One  
  7. If you are on 17763, you will be automatically enrolled only into the Game bar flight  

For details on how to get the latest version of Windows, scroll down to the bottom of this post. Now, the fun part!  

State of Decay: Year One (Windows 10 version 18329 or higher) 

Try out State of Decay on a new version of Windows

We’re pleased to announce that we have a new Windows version (18342) with fixes and improvements that we can’t wait to have folks try out! 

  • If you have already tried State of Decay and everything worked: we’d appreciate you uninstalling State of Decay and then trying the install again, to make sure everything works. 
  • If you have already tried State of Decay and something didn’t work: please try again and see if your issue has been addressed. If not, it would help us a lot if you let us know using the Feedback Hub in Windows (instructions). Even if you already sent feedback on the issue before, it’s very helpful to know that it’s still happening on a new version of Windows. 
  • If you were not able to get a slot for State of Decay: we’ve opened up more slots now, so please try again 

If you see any problems downloading or installing the game, or if important functionality like game saving isn’t working, please be sure to use the Feedback Hub to tell us. And thank you again for helping us find any issues! 

Game bar (Windows 10 version 17763 or higher) 

Early access to new Game bar features

By joining this program, you will get access to the newest features and fixes of Game bar before the general public. 

In this early preview for Game bar, you will get: 

  • The new controller battery UI—just connect an Xbox One controller and then hit Nexus/Xenon or Win+G to bring up Game bar! This was the top ask for Game bar at Xbox Ideas, and we’re excited to deliver it! 
  • A new Settings layout to make it easier to find your settings within Game bar 
  • Other fixes and polish to our experiences around Game capturing and Sharing to Twitter 

In the coming weeks you will be the first to receive the latest and greatest updates for the Game bar.  

Instructions on how to get the latest version of Windows  

  1. Go to Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Insider program to enroll in the Windows Insider Fast flight ring (Need more information? Check out the details on the Windows Insider Program)  
  2. Restart your machine when prompted.   
  3. Go to Start -> Settings -> Update & Security and click “Check for Updates”. You will be updated to 18342 or later.