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Old Man’s Journey: Making a Game about Life, Loss, and Hope

Our latest game Old Man’s Journey was born out of two main ideas. We wanted to make a game about wanderlust and we wanted to include the whole spectrum of human emotions into this game. Not only the positive ones like happiness and love -which are very common in games- but also the ones that are seen more negatively and not so often incorporated, like regret and loss. All of them are very important. They make us human and very complex beings in the end.

Old Man's Journey

So, we decided to send the players on an emotional trip throughout Old Man’s Journey. At first, they will maybe not entirely understand the old man’s motivation for taking this on, but it becomes clearer and clearer why it is so important for him to go.

As an old man it is understandably not always easy to take on such an adventure. He has to master the environment or rest from time to time, but will also make some new friends on his way. He will have the time to think about what happened over the time of his life and if the decisions he made were always right or sometimes maybe not so much. Some of them were loving and caring, some selfish.

Old Man's Journey

We are especially proud of our latest endeavor Old Man’s Journey and what we achieved with this game. The positive reception and responses so far are overwhelming for us. In a good way. And now we are very excited that Old Man’s Journey is coming soon to Xbox. We hope that the passionate players there will enjoy our game as much as we did making it!

Old Man’s Journey is available for pre-order on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One. Click here for purchase details.