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Anthem is Available Today on Xbox One – Here’s What You Need to Know

Get ready to suit up and start an incredible adventure! Anthem has just launched on Xbox One, and we’ve got the details you need to get a successful head start in this dangerous and beautiful new world.


Javelins are at the center of both combat and mobility in Anthem. They’re built to protect you from almost anything the world can throw at you as well as allow you to soar through the sky, swim through underwater tunnels, and unleash your power against enemies.

There are four javelins, the Ranger (the most balanced and versatile suit), Interceptor (an agile melee specialist), Colossus (the hard-hitting tank), and Storm (and elegant long-range fighter), and each has its own specific strengths and weaknesses. You’ll unlock your first at level 2, another at level 8, a third at level 16, and finally, a fourth at level 26.


Gear and Weapons

Once you’ve unlocked your javelins, you’ll need to add gear and weapons and (if you want) give it a unique look with the game’s customization and personalization options. You can find them in the Forge (accessible at Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay) under the Loadout and Appearance tabs. You can save multiple loadouts with gear and weapon combinations that may come in handy in specific combat situations.

Gear comes in six rarity levels: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Masterwork, and Legendary. The rarer the gear, the more powerful it is and the higher the chance it will come with inscriptions (randomly rolled stat boosts and bonuses) or added ability bonuses (you can spot these in orange text on the description).

You’ll very likely spend a great deal of time searching for the gear you need, but keep in mind that crafting is an option, too. You can dismantle and salvage gear you don’t need, take on Challenges, visit the Crafting Shop, and explore the world to find nodes to harvest for crafting materials.


Once you have the right materials, you can start crafting. Completing Challenges will also help you unlock blueprints, to make exactly what you need. Of course, the rarer the gear, the more difficult the Challenge.

Combat and Combos

Next, it’s time to learn about your javelin’s capabilities, particularly the combinations of moves that lead to powerful and devastating combo attacks. There are two foundations for any successful combo, the primer (generally an elemental attack that inflicts a status effect on your enemies) and the detonator (basically the trigger that sets off the combo).

Keep in mind that the javelin that primes an enemy or group of enemies does not have to detonate it; any member of the squad can. Once it’s been triggered, your enemies will need to be primed again before your squad can use another detonator. And, unsurprisingly, lower level enemies will be much easier to prime than higher level ones.


Stronger Together

Teamwork is one of the major foundations of Anthem, and the farther you progress in the game the more important it will become. This is especially true for Strongholds, challenging dungeons with multiple objectives to complete in order to progress all the way to a climactic final battle. While Strongholds are the toughest challenges you’ll face, they’ll also give you the greatest rewards. Taking them on with your squad of four increases your likelihood of finding amazing weaponry and gear.

Using a headset and mic with your squad is the easiest way to make the most of everyone’s combat abilities and take out even the strongest enemies. Communicating with one another means lining up the perfect combos, covering teammates under fire, and flanking enemies more effectively.

Unleash Your Power

Now’s your time, Freelancer, so suit up and start exploring the world of Anthem today!

Anthem is available today on Xbox One via the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.