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Details on Vigor 0.8 Update: Signal

Welcome to the Signal update to Vigor which is available now on Xbox One. Bringing more content to the game and building upon our last update, we have introduced some exciting changes to gameplay, implemented a plethora of improvements, and introduced our new game events, player lobby, gesture system, and lot more.

Vigor Signal Update

Reach the Signal

We have added two new events to encounters: radio signals detector and comm stations. The radio signals detector will allow you to pinpoint the positions of other outlanders for a limited time, giving you a brief window of opportunity to plan a coordinated attack, lay an ambush, or make a tactical retreat. The comm station will let you change the landing zone of an airdrop, providing you with its exact location and giving you a clear advantage over other outlanders going for the same loot. We love hearing (and listening to!) community feedback, so please let us know what you think of these new experiences, and how they affect the overall experience of Vigor for you.

Vigor Signal Update

Player Lobby

Now you can see who you’ll be up against, or outright avoiding, before encounters begin with the new player lobby. Take the time to size up other outlanders, and plan which boosters to spend to alter the upcoming encounter.

Boosters come in three flavors: 

  • More Loot: Will increase amount and variety of resources found throughout the map
  • Better Crate: Increases the quality of the airdrop and change which grade of crate you can receive; the better class of crate, the better the loot inside. Of course, you still have to make it out alive…
  • Insurance: You will keep whatever you are carrying with you at the time of your death (apart from the airdrop)

All can be purchased for crowns, which are available in-game or from the Microsoft Store.

Vigor Signal Update

When Guns Talk

Vigor 0.8 welcomes a host of improvements to gunplay, with weapons being re-balanced and starting loadouts altered. We have also added shooting challenges to the shelter for you to better test  (and improve) your general gunslinging skills. So, no more excuses for choking under pressure and missing that life-or-death shot!

For you sharpshooters out there, snipers will now be able to steady their aim by holding their breath — perfect for landing those satisfying long-range shots. But for those on the receiving end, fret not, as outlanders will be able to see the glint of the scope when the enemy is aiming. So, keep a sharp eye, and stay alert out there!

Vigor Signal Update

Express Yourself

Besides refining the animations of our female character and implementing more fluid control overall, the Signal update introduces our gestures system. Founder’s pack owners will finally start to receive some of their rewards like the exclusive dusting hands gesture and the Vigor trucker cap. But remember, the founder’s pack (including the exclusive items) is only available during Xbox Game Preview

Vigor Signal Update

That’s all for now! As always, keep sending us your feedback on

Stay safe, outlanders!