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How the Xbox Insider Program Helps Developers

The Xbox Insider Program empowers you to quickly and securely deploy Xbox or Windows game builds at any phase of development to a controlled audience in the Xbox Live production environment, with tools to gather actionable feedback.   

The Xbox Insider Program opens doors to you: 

  • Audience expansion at your discretion  Start small or go broad, the audience size for your testing is up to you. Take advantage of our pool of millions of excited gamers, or keep the game locked down to your own team.  
  • We handle token distribution automatically – There’s no need to manually send out codes to grant access to your users, we’ll grant the token automatically to only approved users. 
  • Connecting you with players’ feedback – We’ll make sure you hear what gamers think about your game, regardless of their native language. Our tools make it easy for gamers to provide their sentiment and ideas, as well as report any issues they may encounter while playing your game. We will combine this feedback into an easy to digest daily report. 
  • Multiple versions – Experimenting with features? Need to test different branches of your game? We support testing multiple versions of your game across different groups of users. 
  • Secure, quick, and easy access – Only users who have been granted access can join. Those who have can simply download and play. Joining your game playtest is a fast and easy process. 

How can the Xbox Insider Program help you? 

We have learned over the past several years that each partner has a unique set of goalsLet us help you get feedback on your game during your development and testing phases by: 

  • Managing your staff-only playtests across Xbox consoles and Windows PCs 
  • Securing early access for Press, Reviewer, and Influencer communities  
  • Testing service scalability prior to launch day  
  • Driving excitement for your game through open and closed betas 

How do we start? 

  • If you already have connections with a Microsoft account team, let them know you’re interested in the Xbox Insider Program.  We’ll want to connect with you both. 
  • If you’re an indie developer and haven’t yet been approved to publish your game on Xbox, you will want to get started through the [email protected] program first.  Visit for more information. 

We’re looking forward to working with you! 

The Xbox Insider Team