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Train Sim World: Main Spessart Bahn Takes You on a First Class Journey

We’re very happy to announce the latest expansion Main Spessart Bahn for Train Sim World is now available on Xbox One, featuring a 52km run through the forests and hillsides of central Germany. This has been a real labour of love for our team as we’re introducing a new type of operation, long-awaited new features, and of course the route and locomotives themselves are re-created in incredibly high detail.

Whether you’re an experienced rail fan or you’ve never tried a sim in your life, this route is definitely the choice for you if you’re interested in a new challenge. Here are just a few of the things we’re most proud of:

The route captures a particularly beautiful part of the German countryside, running from Aschaffenburg to Gemünden. Though the line has been partially replaced with flat tunnels in recent years to make things easier, for our sim we went back a few years to capture the challenges and sights of the original route. Banking operations, where one train joins another to help push it up a steep gradient, have been a huge part of the line for decades and are recreated here. And the historic station at Heigenbrücken was closed in 2017, but is now preserved forever in Train Sim World.

Train Sim World: Main Spessart Bahn

Two locomotives and one control car provide the excitement on the route. The DB BR 185.2 is a powerful freight-hauling engine that also waits on standby to assist in Banking operations. the DB BR 146.2 is a modern, speedy, passenger-oriented example of motive power featuring player-controlled destination boards and interior door controls. And if you driving the 146.2 and can’t turn around, never fear! At the other end of your train you’ll find the 766.2 DBpbzfa – a control car with separate controls for your double-decker passenger journey.

As Train Sim World grows, one of the things we’re most excited about is the ability to mix and match the locomotives from different routes. As in real life, the following swaps are available for owners of both Ruhr-Sieg Nord and Main Spessart Bahn expansions.

The DB BR 143 from Ruhr Sieg Nord can replace both of Main Spessart Bahn’s locomotives for passenger or light freight operations, and the DB BR 185.2 is featured in Ruhr Sieg Nord, but has a different livery in Main Spessart Bahn. Both liveries can now be used in either route!

Train Sim World: Main Spessart Bahn

So give the Main Spessart Bahn a try and let us know what you think of the latest installment in the ever-growing Train Sim World… world!

The Main Spessart Bahn add-on for Train Sim World is now available on the Microsoft Store. Click here to learn more.