LGBTQIA in Gaming Reception 2019 Hero Image

GDC 2019: LGBTQIA in Gaming Reception 2019 Recap

As Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) continues, so does our honor of being able to host incredible communities of gaming industry professionals. This year marked the 3rd annual LGTBQIA in Gaming reception with over 300 people in attendance, connecting and reconnecting gaming industry community members with each other. The Gay Gaming Professionals group celebrated 13 years of their own event this year with increased sponsorship and a continued effort to build a more inclusive LGBTQIA gaming industry community. We took a moment during the event to honor two such people: Danielle Bunten Berry and David Gaider.


Danielle Bunten Berry insisted that the future of gaming was interconnectedness. Creator of the influential game M.U.L.E. in 1982, she was a pioneer in game design that influenced a generation. Her vision of the future of gaming as one of finding commonality through technology proved she was a visionary.

David Gaider has set the bar for LGBTQIA storytelling in the AAA industry. As lead writer for many incredible RPG’s, including Game of the Year 2014 Dragon Age: Inquisition, David has been the voice of countless gamers who have longed to have their stories told. His impact on the industry will be felt for years, if not decades, to come.


We look forward to continuing to host and honor this community, their stories, and their contributions to gaming.