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Multiple Adventures Await as Stories: The Path of Destinies Arrives on Xbox One 

If you’re yearning for adventure you’ll be thrilled to hear that the award-winning action-RPG Stories: The Path of Destinies from developer Spearhead Games is now available on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and it contains an array of daring escapades for you to embark upon.

Taking the role of Reynardo, a wily pirate fox and reformed plunderer of the Floating Isles, you become unwittingly entangled in a deadly struggle between the Rebellion and the Empire. The fate of an entire kingdom rests on Reynardo and, crucially, the choices he makes along the way. To assist in his quest, Reynardo has possession of a rather helpful magical book…

Stories: The Path of Destinies

At critical points as you play through Stories, the book presents you with choices of branching storylines to choose from. For example, early in the adventure Reynardo must decide between attempting to rescue an old ally or setting out instead to search for parts of a legendary weapon that may be capable of defeating the Empire. It’s your call. Stories is built on these crossroad moments and from them lead multiple choices to explore.

Another incredibly useful aspect of the book is that when a path leads to an untimely end, Reynardo finds himself back at the start of the story, only this time you can use what you’ve learned to make more informed choices. Not only that, the knowledge Reynardo gains on an exploit can in-turn unlock additional choices for subsequent stories, and so more and more ways to proceed are revealed

Stories: The Path of Destinies

And it gets better. With each story, Reynardo begins to remember dormant skills. For example, he learns to use a hook shot, which allows him to cross gaps, and he learns how to land a perfect strike, making him more efficient in fights with the dastardly raven forces of the Empire’s army. Reynardo retains any skills he learns, so he gradually becomes more adept at traversing the world, and more effective in combat, helping him accrue more XP with longer and more stylish combos.

New swords can also be crafted by using resources found when exploring the world. As well as bestowing Reynardo with new combat abilities, such as being able set an opponent on fire, these swords also serve as keys to unlock previously inaccessible areas

Stories: The Path of Destinies

In total, there are 24 stories to play through in Stories: The Path of Destinies and I hope you have fun discovering the fate of Reynardo and the Floating Isles in each one. I’m also pleased to say the game is Xbox One X Enhanced, so Xbox One X owners will be able to enjoy the game as a full 4K experience.

Stories: The Path of Destinies is available now for Xbox One from the Microsoft Store.