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Killing Floor 2: Cyber Revolt Seasonal Update Bolts onto Xbox One Today

The cyberpunk revolution is back this year in Killing Floor 2 and we’re packing heavy new Horzine tech hardware to push back the relentless Zed horde, fresh new cyber gear and outfits, a brand-new map, and a litany of quality of life improvements.

Have you ever wanted to hold the power of the sun in your hands? The Helios Rifle is probably the closest you’ll come to it. Powered by the latest plasma tech, this assault rifle tuned specifically for the Firebug perk fires Microwave infused energy rounds that ripple through the enemy cooking and expanding them from the inside as it tears through their flesh.

Killing Floor 2 - Cyber Revolt

Next up is an instrument of destruction that even the mighty Zeus would envy. The Killerwatt for the Survivalist perk is a rifle to be reckoned with and packed with two fire modes. The first being a high-velocity stream of continuous automatic bolt fire and for the second…well, let’s just say it’s the storm unleashed. Hold down the charge for three tiers of power, release it and watch as Zeds before you exist no more.

Keeping our tradition of working with the top community mappers, we’re also proud to present the newest creation from Rewire, Spillway. This dam-themed map features a balance of tight corridors and open spaces. Do you and your team have what it takes to survive the Zed onslaught and reclaim the facility? Complete all the seasonal objectives on this map and rewarded with a variant of the Cyberpunk outfit until spring event ends on April 23.

Killing Floor 2 - Cyber Revolt

Even now, 18 months after the launch on Xbox One, we at Tripwire are serious about supporting the life of the game with community requested features and balance tweaks. From your feedback on forums and our state of the game survey, we’ve tailored changes in this update from adjusting the fire panic system to allow Firebugs to play more nicely with other perks, and tuning our spawning system to help prevent Zeds from spawning within line of sight. We’re committed to listening to our players and making the game better for years to come.

The Cyber Revolt update is free and available now for Killing Floor 2 players on Xbox One.