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Metro Exodus Adds New Game+ and More with the Free Ranger Update

Metro Exodus owners get a free update today – the Ranger Update adds a New Game + mode as well as a host of new features, improvements, and fixes.

New Game+ is a new mode that unlocks on completion of the story and allows you to start a new campaign with all the weapons and attachments you earned on prior playthroughs. When playing in New Game+ you can also tailor your experience by changing enemy behavior, making enemies tougher or more dangerous, or increasing the frequency of our dramatic, dynamic weather effects.

New achievements and collectibles have been added, including a new set of hidden Tape Players allowing you to listen to snippets of developer commentary that take you behind the scenes. New Game+ is a great way to experience Metro Exodus‘ gripping story all over again; and what’s more, it’s the perfect opportunity to go for that alternate ending…

We’ve also made further refinements to the control scheme, as well as a range of fixes and balance / performance improvements across the board. And a specific update for Xbox One players is the addition of mouse and keyboard support!

For those of you who have already walked in Artyom’s boots, the Ranger Update adds a brand new experience – and if you’ve yet to experience Metro Exodus, now’s the perfect time to jump in.

Metro Exodus is available now in the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and is enhanced for Xbox One X. Click here for purchase details.