Human Fall Flat Dark Update Small Image

Human: Fall Flat is Getting a Big Free Update on April 16

Hello, Xbox humans!

Each year has been more successful than the last for Human: Fall Flat. Last year in August, the online multiplayer update brought together friends, gamers, and family so they can enjoy the game and create crazy online mayhem moments.

Our community keeps asking for more and we are proud to confirm that new content is coming to Human: Fall Flat very soon this year and as free updates!

As a first drop, I am pleased to announce to you that the level Dark alongside 13 new customisation features will be available for you to enjoy on April 16 on Xbox One.

The new Dark level is the very first level set at night-time, with a flavour of a nightmare but not scary, just mysterious. We wanted to try something a bit different, a level that would stand out yet was still undeniably Human: Fall Flat. A night-time level hadn’t been done yet, so why not?

Imagine a dark level, bathed in the light of a gorgeous full moon, a broken wooden house, an imposing clock tower with the warm light of the lanterns contrasting with the cold electrical arcs illuminating the sky. Inspired by old classic horror movies like “Frankenstein,” “Beetlejuice,” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Dark is definitely unique.

This new dreamscape will be available in every mode: single-player, local co-op, and online multiplayer. We had so much fun playing it at the office and can’t wait to see the Xbox community playing it too.

About the skins — these are quite varied and cover multiple themes from Halloween to Christmas and quirky funny little inflatable animal suits.

Hope you will like this new update and fall into this new dreamscape on April 16!