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Creating New Horizons in the World of Skyforge

When designing new things for the ever-expansive world of Skyforge on Xbox One, we strive to observe all aspects of what we know in real life, to give it a much more personal touch. We want to give players a chance to, when logged in, feel awe and see expert detail in the things we create. With our latest free update, New Horizons, we explore new designs and ideas. A new beginning for everyone.

In the update, we introduce a brand-new world: Terra. Many areas in Skyforge are densely populated and urbanized, such as the capital city of Aelion. The outlying lands contain beautiful scenery and landscapes, but with Terra, we wanted to take it a step further.


When we first put Terra on the table, our teams worked hard to explore what we have in real life. Creating a planet home to dense jungles and acknowledging every detail is no easy feat. In the end, we needed a staging ground suitable to introduce Aelion’s newest enemy: the Draconids.

In Skyforge, we explore every avenue from real life, to pure fantasy to create something mesmerizing. To pinpoint what would be the perfect scenery for the battles to come, we had many different ideas in mind. Drawing from our studies of the flora and fauna of our very own planet Earth, we finally decided on how we would bring this concept to life. Thus, we proudly present to you the planet Terra! Get ready to explore this new space giant full of mysteries and adventures for you, the immortals.


The enemies of Aelion have been introduced to the world of Skyforge a long time ago. This time, we decided to turn the tables. With the new Draconid race, we explore a totally new, fresh approach to the clash between foes. What if the player is the invading force? As the player gains access to the planet, they also meet a familiar foe, the Phytonides, who are locked in battle with this new enemy. Why are they there? What are they fighting for? Why are they fighting our enemies? You will be tasked to discover the facts; what is this new amphibious race?

Taking from the creatures we have currently, such as bearded dragons and other reptiles, we paid attention to every aspect of detail and transformed them into a humanoid form. You will find their behavior to be like what you would encounter in any dense undergrowth; deadly, adaptive and dangerous. Almost primitive, but with a technological advantage.


We hope you will enjoy all this, and everything else to come in New Horizons. Please don’t forget to leave your feedback on our Facebook and Discord channels!

See you star side.