Human Fall Flat Dark Update Small Image

Top 5 Tips for Surviving the New Dark Update in Human: Fall Flat, Available Now on Xbox One

Hi there, Xbox Humans!

Since its release on Xbox One way back in 2017, Human: Fall Flat has gathered an amazing and supportive community, and for that the team owes you a gigantic thank you!

To show our massive appreciation, today marks the release of our first free content update of 2019. The Dark update brings fans a mysterious and spooky new night-time level and a whole host of new player customization options.

But wait! Before you try it out, have a quick read of our top 5 tips to see you through the weird and wonderful dreamscape of Dark.

Human Fall Flat: Dark

Heeeeeere’s bobby!

Keep your eyes peeled for a lonesome axe sitting patiently at the beginning of the level. In classic horror fashion, surviving the challenges ahead of you will be a heck of a lot easier with something sharp and pointy at your side. Use it to cut down trees, pull apart objects – or just look cool as you explore with your jealous friends.

Shocking results

Dark is one of the few Human: Fall Flat levels to use electricity as a core part of puzzles. As you explore you’ll eventually come across a generator in dire need of some juice. If you’re struggling to turn things on with the nearby cog, jump online and get a friend to help. There are two handles for a reason. Don’t forget the batteries!

Hard mode

Are you a Human: Fall Flat veteran with hundred of hours of playtime under your belt? Then you need the Hiker Skin, a brand new customization option that we at Curve have dubbed, The Hard Mode Skin. With your arms hidden in front of a huge backpack filled with iconic game objects, climbing across Dark will be that much harder for you hardcore players. You have been warned!

Hold on tight!

Without giving too much away, there’s a fantastic surprise awaiting you at the end of Dark. As you flick the switch of the level’s final puzzle, make sure you quickly turn around. Grab the nearby table, hold on tight and get ready for something pretty special. My lips are sealed…

I’m hearing voices

We’ve been hearing rumors that, like most other Human: Fall Flat levels, there are strange voices floating across our shiny new level waiting to be found. I can neither confirm nor deny these bizarre rumors, but there’s no harm in keeping your ears open as you explore the nooks and crannies of Dark. If you find anything, do let us know right away…

That’s it’s. You’re now officially ready for anything Dark can throw at you. I hope you have an incredible time playing it!

Human: Fall Flat and the Dark update are now available on Xbox One. Human: Fall Flat is currently available for Xbox Game Pass members and is available for purchase from the Microsoft Store.