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Open World Simulation RPG My Time at Portia Available Now on Xbox One

The wait is finally over, we’re proud to announce that My Time at Portia is available now on Xbox One!

For those who are unaware, My Time at Portia is an open world simulation RPG where running your workshop inherited from you Pa is your number one job – but it’s jam-packed full of other activities for you to do too! You’ll need to collect materials, go mining, farming, fishing, crafting, and defeat monsters in dungeons. You can also become a member of Portia community by making friends, fall in love, and even have children.

My Time at Portia

As soon as you step off the boat, it’s up to you how you spend your time in Portia. You will soon get to know the story of the town and the people living in it by talking to your friendly new neighbors. You can enjoy activities, play mini games, participate in holidays or even go on dates! Once you learned about your friends’ favorite things or birthday, you can send gifts or invite them to your house for a party!

Remember to collect materials, complete commissions, upgrade your workshop, or just to have an easy cozy life raising animals on your farm. You’ll quickly learn how to craft, how to plant crops, or even how to cook. You may choose to become a master craftsman and make a great contribution to the Portia construction, or you may just choose to have a more casual life with your new friends. Be passionate about your new hobbies of cooking or fishing and work hard for the title of master chef or master fisherman. Or you could just collect different kinds of fancy furniture from the previous ages to decorate your house.

My Time at Portia

We are so happy to bring the land of Portia too Xbox One, but the truth is the start of this project was no easy.

When we started the game back in 2015, we were thinking about making a pure role-play game driving by stories – it wasn’t even called My Time in Portia! But soon we found out the game didn’t feel right – it just wasn’t much fun. So, we spent almost two years experimenting, just looking for the right gameplay mechanics for us. We finally finalized the game type as simulation RPG in mid-2017, and were ready to go to Kickstarter!  We’re so glad that when we first released the game to the public on Kickstarter, people loved it, and we gained a bunch of amazing fans! Thanks you so much to our community and all the feedback they have given. My Time at Portia would not be the game it is today without them!

My Time at Portia

We have encountered some tough times in development, but all the encouragement and thank-you letters from the players, made all the effort we’ve done is worthwhile.

We’re more than happy to announce the console release for My Time at Portia. We hope you can really enjoy the game.