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Grip Gets Updated with Four New Tracks and One New Team Mode

Hey, Xbox racers!

We’ve had a blast with Grip: Combat Racing on Xbox One. Since launch we’ve listened to fans through the Grip Garage club, plus our Wednesday afternoon online sessions, and have continued to support players through a series of updates as we fine-tune and optimize the racing experience!

One of the areas we’ve seen players have a lot of fun in is the arenas. Here it’s full on PvP action with modes like Deathmatch! A few months back, players told us they wanted team modes for the arenas and for classic races… they also told us they wanted a bunch of all new tracks. We heard you and set about bringing in some classic Red vs Blue action, along with creating some of our most outrageous track designs to date! Launching today, as a free update for all players, we’re thrilled to bring the team modes into Grip, alongside four new tracks!

Team Modes

Team Racing & Team Deathmatch

Players can now join either red or blue teams to battle it out in any racing mode.  This includes Classic Race, Ultimate, Elimination, Deathmatch and Speed Demon! The team with the highest points wins!

New Tracks

Mindbender (Haze reverse) (Orbital Prime) (City)

A highly modified version of Haze reverse. Key sections include a massive jump, tricky S turn and twisting sewer section!

Grip: Combat Racing

Naptha Valley (Jahtra) (Desert)

Quite possibly the most rollercoaster-y track of all.  Set in a resource mining center, key sections include a mineral deposit cave, large stepped curves of terrain and an indoor facility.

Grip: Combat Racing

Hive Horizon (Orbital Prime) (City)

A beautiful, sunset soaked, gravity defying city district.  Key sections include an affluent block of corporate structures, a big ceiling ride to floor jump and an ascending spiral road!

Spin Cycle (Liddo5) (Forest)

Players wanted more tunnels, and this track was designed to let ‘em dig deep! Key sections include an open area with beautiful autumn visuals, tunnel turns perfect for barrel rolls, glass tunnels and an obstacle ridden turn to the finish!

Grip: Combat Racing

We’ve also released new ‘glowing’ garage packs and based on your feedback, raised the level cap! We’re really excited for players to get a grip (pun intended!) of the new content, and although we’re not revealing exactly what is next in the pipeline, know that we have something big on the horizon for the next content drop…

Grip started out as the passion project between two guys: myself, a home renovator in Canada, and Rob, a veteran 90s games developer who worked on Rollcage (might have heard of it). Robert retired to an island with no thoughts of development, and I was up on roofs doing my thing. But through our mutually shared love of old combat racers, we starting brainstorming what a modern version of Rollcage would be like on today’s consoles. After a plethora of emails and Skype calls between us, we worked with a group of very talented developers and artists along with an incredibly supportive publisher (big ups to Wired Productions!) to put out one of the best combat racers of this era. We are humbled by our amazingly dedicated community and are really excited for what is coming to Grip in the future!

Grip: Combat Racing is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. It is also currently available for all Xbox Game Pass members.