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A Love Letter to Classic Action Games, American Fugitive Coming to Xbox One May 24

After spending far too long in a single darkened room without A/C, we’re delighted to reveal that our first Xbox One game American Fugitive will be available on May 24! A modern take on classic sandbox action games, American Fugitive offers a new 3D top-down open-world single-player experience where you can steal, drive, and fight.

Imprisoned for a crime you didn’t commit, you bust out of jail with vengeance (and justice; but mainly vengeance) in your heart. Unravel the mystery of who framed you as you realize you are just a pawn  in a bigger and more corrupt chess game than you ever imagined!

American Fugitive

Crooked Cops

As you’d imagine, the main threat to your freedom is the local PD, who’ll stop at nothing to throw you back in the slammer. Are you going to fight your way past them, or remain stealthy by staying out of sight? Law enforcement do have tactical units and air-support to call upon, so if you decide to go head-to-head, you better make those shots count!

American Fugitive

The Criminal Underworld

You’ll need some help to find the scum who framed you. Since you don’t exactly see eye-to-eye with the judicial process, you’ll need to tap into the extensive criminal fraternity that inhabit Redrock County. They’ll want something in return though, and just how far can you trust a crook?

American Fugitive

The McCoy’s

When traveling to rural parts of American Fugitive you’ll enter the McCoy’s territory – and they have a major beef with you. So stay sharp as they’re out to make your life as uncomfortable as they can.

American Fugitive


They say snitches get stitches. Well, that doesn’t seem to deter our townsfolk, most of whom will go squealing to the cops if they see you breaking the law. So, don’t get spotted! Or carry a disguise. Or a big scary-ass gun.

American Fugitive

There are so many other aspects to our game that we’d love to go into detail about (time trials, loot stashes, stunt jumps, and collectibles)… but maybe we shouldn’t spoil the surprise.

Considering the small size of our team, this project has been an insanely ambitious undertaking, but we sincerely hope you’ll enjoy playing American Fugitive as much as we did in making it.

See you on the outside, May 24!