Smite - Horus and Set Small Image

Horus and Set Arrive in Smite: The Battleground of the Gods

Horus and Set — the legendary Egyptian rivals — are now playable characters in Smite on Xbox One and we’re excited to share a few details about what makes these new gods unique and fun to play.

Our design for Horus and Set started with their mythology, a tale of jealousy, murder, and revenge — a story as old as time, but on a divine scale. Their legends are so intertwined that releasing them together not only made sense from a lore standpoint, but also allowed us to design two Gods at once who represented vastly different play styles.

The story of Horus and Set really begins with Osiris, the god of Earth. His rule over the two kingdoms of Egypt was a golden age of peace. But jealous anger brewed in the heart of Osiris’ younger brother, Set. Not content to live under his brother’s rule, Set murdered Osiris, cut him into pieces, and claimed his brother’s throne. To Set, this was an act of liberation. But to Horus, Osiris’ son, it was a call to war.

As the rightful heir to Osiris’ throne, Horus pledged himself to fight for justice and to reclaim his father’s throne not just for himself, but for his people. Horus will not rest until Set is defeated. And so, the two rivals are now locked in eternal battle for the crown of Egypt… and Olympus.

Let’s talk about gameplay. Our goal with Horus was to design a warrior in Smite that was unique from existing gods in that role. Represented as a falcon in Egyptian mythology, his head and birdlike proportions are important, but it’s Horus’s wings that define him. Not only do these massive wings bring personality and impact to his abilities, they are also used for his basic attacks. Though he can hold his own in fights, he’s best when he’s fighting alongside his teammates, and is often seen diving into the fray to protect his allies from danger. No matter where a friend is on the map, Horus can bring in reinforcements to turn the tide of battle.

Horus and Set are opposites, both in personality and gameplay. While Horus is calculated, defensive, and focused on his team, Set is aggressive and violent, trusting only himself to overwhelm his opponents.

Set is an Assassin in Smite, relying on his own strength and mastery of the sands. While he still needs to work with his team to achieve victory on the battlefield, he also can create his own allies from the very sands of the desert. Set conjures these allies to attack swiftly before they dissolve back into dust. For his ultimate, Set calls upon all of the power which his rage grants him, unleashing his claws and embracing his animalistic urges. He attacks faster and faster, letting his inner chaos free and ensuring his opponents’ doom.

There’s so much more in Smite’s upcoming Sands and Skies update. There’s an all-new event — Battle for Olympus — featuring amazing skins like Helheim Ullr. This incredible skin reimagines the Norse God of Glory as a mighty warrior felled by disease, now trapped in the Norse afterlife of Helheim instead of taking his rightful place among the warriors of Valhalla.

Horus and Set are Gods 102 and 103 in Smite, and we’ve got a lot more incredible deities on our calendar for the rest of the year. Don’t miss one moment of divine action — play for free in the Battleground of the Gods now and prepare for the Battle for Olympus!