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Play The Division 2 for Free This Weekend with Xbox Live Gold

It’s been seven months since the population was ravaged by a devastating disease and the streets of Washington, D.C., are overgrown and bristling with danger. Violent factions vie for territory while survivors desperately defend their makeshift settlements, and it’s up to you and your fellow Agents to tip the scales. This weekend, play The Division 2 for free with Xbox Live Gold, and start your fight to take back the city.

The free weekend runs from Thursday, June 13, through Sunday, June 16, and gives you access to the full game, including the lengthy campaign (playable solo or co-op with up to three other players), challenging endgame, and dedicated PvP mode. If you decide to continue the fight once the free weekend concludes, you can save up to 40% off your purchase of the full game from the Microsoft Store (sale ends June 24), and any progress you’ve made will carry over.

The world of The Division 2 will be expanding even further over the course of the year with the arrival of three free episodes. These episodes are robust updates—introducing new areas to explore, game modes to master, rewards to earn, Specializations and Signature weapons to wield, and exotic weapons and gear to loot—and they will be free to all Xbox Live Gold members who own The Division 2. The episodes – along with regular patches, balancing updates, and more – are part of the development team’s commitment to support the game throughout its first year of release and beyond.

Episode 1 D.C. Outskirts (coming July 2019) will take Agents out of the massive one-to-one re-creation of Washington, D.C., and into the surrounding areas. Among the new areas introduced will be the Washington National Zoo, where you can explore 11 different biomes, and Trinity College, which will play host to the cooperative challenges of the new Expeditions mode. Episode 2 Pentagon: The Last Castle (fall 2019) will see Agents fighting to protect one of America’s most iconic buildings, and will also take them to a remote foundry where The Division 2’s second 8-player raid will take place. Episode 3  (early 2020) brings the fight back to Coney Island for a showdown with a nemesis bent on spreading the virus even further.

Get into The Division 2 this weekend for free on Xbox Live Gold to explore the richly detailed open world, take on diverse enemy factions, and gear your Agent up to take back the capital.