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Anyone Can Drive in Monster Jam Steel Titans on Xbox One

The backbone of the Monster Jam fan community is largely comprised of families. Moms and Dads bring their kids to live event shows across the globe and are always looking for ways to extend that Monster Jam family experience beyond the stadium. As a long-time developer of off-road racing games, we fully understand how to create depth and challenges for experienced players like us. The additional objective for Monster Jam Steel Titans was to satisfy all those families who may be jumping into an off-road racing game for the very first time. We knew that if the game is too complex or difficult, it won’t be as fun for young kids. Conversely, if the game is too simple, it will quickly bore veteran racing game players. Having launched MX vs ATV All Out in March of 2018, we felt uniquely positioned to tackle this design challenge.

Monster Jam Steel Titans

Open world environments create a unique opportunity for us to make gameplay fun for audiences of all ages. The last thing our youngest players want is to be told what they can and cannot do – what better way to include them than to take away all the rules and let them do what they want? For our more experienced gamers, the open world presents an opportunity for players to explore in a way that no other Monster Jam title has in the past. The open world also features achievements, as well as an element of discovery with Monster Jam icons spread throughout the environment.

Monster Jam Steel Titans

Monster Jam trucks are very large, powerful vehicles but what makes them special is their agility. The ability to make tight turns and recover from landing a truck on its side is possible, in part, because of the unique steering setup we implemented. Drivers can independently control the front and back sets of wheels from the driver’s seat. We made this a key pillar of the gameplay experience by allowing players to choose between a combined steering experience for younger or less experienced players, and a dual-control option that allows for more advanced players to fully take advantage of independently steering both sets of wheels. This helps give the driving mechanic a skill gap, delivering accessibility for all players to have fun. The addition of manual and automatic transmissions provides another dynamic to driving mechanics that we think more experienced players will love.

Monster Jam Steel Titans

Whether you’re new to off-road racing games, or a veteran with tons of game play under your belt, we believe there is something in Monster Jam Steel Titans for you. Good luck in the cockpit!

Monster Jam Steel Titans is available now for Xbox One via the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.