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Star Trek Online Adds Captain and Commander to the Ranks in Rise of Discovery Update

Turning the ideals of Starfleet on its head and manipulating his own crew, Jason Isaacs’ Captain Gabriel Lorca was one of the most interesting characters to ever appear in a Star Trek television show. The mystery of Lorca’s character was central to the arc of the first season of “Star Trek: Discovery,” and the incredibly talented Isaacs kept you guessing whose side he was really on the entire time. The final twist (spoilers), that Lorca was from the Mirror Universe – a dark reflection of Star Trek’s Prime Universe – was the last shocking layer to his character.

But one question that was never explored in “Star Trek: Discovery” was how Lorca came to be in the Prime Universe. For the first time, delve into Lorca’s past and meet both the Prime Universe and Mirror Universe versions in Star Trek Online’s newest update – Rise of Discovery. This update, releasing for free on June 25, adds two new episodes to Star Trek Online on Xbox One that fills in the gaps of the history between Gabriel Lorca and his closest ally, Commander Ellen Landry. Both Jason Isaacs and Rekha Sharma have joined the game to reprise these famous roles, making this the first time in Star Trek Online history that a captain has returned to voice their character.

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But this story isn’t just about Lorca. We first met Ellen Landry on U.S.S. Discovery as a hardened woman with nothing left to lose. Now, we get to find out why. Rekha Sharma worked with the Star Trek Online developers to flesh out her character’s backstory, and our talented writers have brought to life a tale of tragedy that explains the woman we eventually meet in the first season of “Star Trek: Discovery.”

We were also lucky enough to have Rekha come to the studio to record her dialogue for the game, where she took a tour, and was nice enough to sit down and answer some questions from fans. You can view that behind-the-scenes footage right now, and play Rise of Discovery on Xbox One starting June 25!

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