Code Vein

Prepare to Rise and Survive in Code Vein on Xbox One

Experience the power of blood and dive into the destructive world of Code Vein on Xbox One. With stunningly dark anime visuals and a connected dungeon experience, we’re excited to announce that Code Vein is now available for digital pre-order.

In Code Vein, you will journey into a ravaged and lifeless world as a Revenant — survivors of a mysterious disaster who have lost their memories of the past but gained Gifts of power and a thirst for blood. Unleash your true potential as you use unique Blood Veils to drain your enemies of precious blood to enhance your abilities and retain your humanity.

To be extra-prepared for your adventure, you can pre-order a digital copy of the standard or deluxe edition now and receive the Blood Veil Ogre: Venous Claw, Reserved Bloodkin Set, and GE Weapon Collaboration as free bonus items.

The GE Weapon Collaboration includes three epic weapons from the God Eater series: the Blanched Greatsword, Crimson Longsword, and Cerulean Spear.

In the Reserved Bloodkin Set, you’ll get Blood Code: Harbinger, three variations of the Harbinger Shining Hair for additional character customization options, and two communication stamps to communicate with your partner during co-op gameplay.

Don’t miss out on these exciting bonuses and pre-order your digital copy of Code Vein on Xbox One today!