Rock Band Rivals

Rock Band Rivals Season 12 is a Playlist of Awesome and Available Now

Season 12 is now live and will take us right through the center of (northern hemisphere) Summer, which is the perfect excuse to stay inside and play Rock Band Rivals.

Rivals Mode – Themed Challenges from the Rock Band Catalog

Rivals Seasons are a set of eight themed Challenges played out week-to-week using portions of your existing song library. Players team up online, working together to promote their Crews and earn exclusive cosmetics for their band. For Season 12, we’re profiling the many tastes of the Harmonix staff. Each week a different person will craft a Challenge centered around their favorite songs in Rock Band’s expansive catalog. We’ve got folks from all over the company participating and it’s been really interesting to see what songs people pick for their week. It will be fun to see what weeks resonate most with players – there are bragging rights to be had!

Rock Band Rivals

Exclusive Rewards for your Avatar

For Season 12, your rewards will be colorful wings. As you climb the tiers, you’ll get increasingly expressive wings made from each tier’s material and gemstone. From Bronze crystals jutting out of your spine to body-sized Bloodstones floating in position, no one will be confused as to how great you were during Season 12. You’ll get the wings associated with every tier you were in during the Season, so the higher you climb, the more you earn. You’ve still got a bit of time to prep your Crew, so be sure you’re all set to start the Season off on the right foot.

Rock Band Rivals

Stay Connected

We also continue to poll our Companion App users, incorporating their feedback in everything from Season structure and quantity, to future rewards and even DLC releasing in Season 12! Don’t have the app yet? You can still download it to get in on the list – the app is completely free and links to your Xbox Gamertag to show account gameplay information. You can view weekly challenge data, see your activity feed, manage/moderate crews, and even engage in app-only features such as crew chat.  Thanks to everyone who’s participated in these surveys so far!

A new Season means new beginnings, and whether you’ve played Rivals before or not, it’s a great opportunity to jump in and see what the fuss is about. We’ll see you on the leaderboards in Season 12!