The Moon Rises: Io arrives in Paladins!

The Moon Goddess Io spent eons watching over the Realm, but no longer: Io has arrived in Paladins on Xbox One as the latest Support Champion! What are you waiting for – You can log in today to experience her lunar magic, fire mystical crescent arrows from her light bow, and command your spirit fox Luna!

We’ve been teasing Io’s release for months, so you can tell we’re a bit excited to finally release her to Xbox One players everywhere. Evil Mojo Games first hinted at her existence by planting spirit foxes in our Shattered Desert map. And we doubled down by putting a statue of Io in our Bazaar map — a map themed to represent a village of Io’s worshippers.

You see, Io sat in the skies above the Realm, unbroken, for centuries. But then the Darkness smothered the goddess’s light, and shattered the moon itself. You may have seen that shattered moon hanging above our battlefields.


Pieces of the moon fell to the Shattered Desert, where Io’s faithful watched over them. They kept vigil for the shattered goddess, praying that one day she would return.

That day came as the Magistrate marched on the moon shards, determined to harness their power in the ongoing war against the Paladins. At the urging of her celestial friend Jenos, Io revealed her true form to fight for her people and stand against the Magistrate.


Io commands the power of the moon itself. As a support, Io channels lunar magic to heal her companions with moonlight, channeling a limited resource of energy into the injured. But Io is an aggressive support, summoning crescent arrows for her light bow and altering the force of gravity to carry her foes to their doom.

Paladins - IoPaladins

More importantly, Io commands her spirit fox, Luna, as Paladins’ first pet-based Champion. Luna fights paw-in-hand with Io, healing her allies and stunning her foes. Depending on how you play with Paladins’ Talent system, Luna can even provide Io a second life.


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We hope that you all love the new content in the Sun & Moon update. We’ll see you in the Realm, Champions!