The Sims 4 Island Living

The Sims 4 Island Living Sails to Xbox One

Simmers, today is the day! Your Sims can splash, swim, and sunbathe their lives away in The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack, now available on Xbox One. What other adventures (and mischief) can your Sims get into while on the island of Sulani? Read on to find out seven splash-tastic reasons why you’ll love the laidback lifestyle.

    1. The Breezy Weather

A wise person once said, “Sun’s out. Buns out.” Another wise person once said, “Sun’s out. You should put on some sunscreen.” When it comes to Sulani, both are correct. Your Sims will enjoy bright, blue skies, a warm climate, and gorgeous sunsets.

    1. The Friendly Locals

Not only will your Sims meet new and interesting friends, but they can party with them, too! Enjoy a cookout with Kalua Pork, Kava drinks, and fire dancing. Local traditions are always fun to learn about, and your Sims will have a

    1. The Beach Houses

Calling all builders! This pack comes with loads of island-themed furniture, décor, and much more. Design your Sim’s island abode on a sparkling waterfront and throw in some floating loungers for extra fun. Don’t forget to impress your friends with a cannonball off the deck.

The Sims 4 Island Living

    1. The Island Beauty

Could this island get any more beautiful?! Actually, yes it can. When your Sim chooses the Island Conservationist career and moves up the ranks, you’ll see the island become more beautiful before your very eyes. Being good to the planet truly pays off!

    1. The Exquisite Wildlife

Sulani is packed with tropical fish, colorful coral, and sparkling starfish. While your Sim is enjoying the gentle sea waves, they just might encounter a pack of dolphins! These friendly creatures can become friends with Sims and even perform tricks. Sulani is all about interacting with nature.

    1. The Stylish Outfits

Wedge sandals, tropical prints, breezy bikinis. It’s all here to complete your Sim’s laidback look. Whether having a beach day with friends or out dancing at the Tiki Bar, every item of clothing has been designed for maximum chill.

    1. The Magical Mermaids

You didn’t think we’d leave this part out, did you? Mermaids are a very special part of this pack, from the colors of their fins to the happy emotes. Mermaids love to swim (duh), interact with dolphins, and summon island elementals for a ghostly chit-chat.

Ready to relax and unwind? The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack is now available in the Microsoft Store.