Challenge the Syndicate in Warface Battle Pass: Season 2 on Xbox One

If you enjoyed the first season of the new Battle Pass system for Warface on Xbox One, get ready for a new round of challenges to put your shooting skills to the test, plus a new set of incredible rewards! Battle Pass: Season 2 is now available and it’s bigger and better than before.

Don’t worry if Season 2 is your first Battle Pass rodeo. It’s a simple system to get to grips with! Once you’ve updated your game, you’ll have access to a series of challenges to complete through normal gameplay (including completing daily and weekly missions, and fighting in PvE or PvP battles). As you rack up points from these challenges, you’ll unlock amazing rewards from over 100 levels, ranging from powerful weapons to striking new gear.


In Battle Pass: Season 2, you’re up against the shadowy Syndicate, an organization steeped in mystery. The Syndicate’s technology has advanced to the point of resembling science fiction and cyberpunk, giving their collections of weapons and gear a remarkably unique look. You can unlock items from the Syndicate series by completing challenges in the Battle Pass, including some of the game’s very best weapons presented with a flashy futuristic new aesthetic!

The ultimate prize awaits at level 100: the CDX-MC Kraken, the best sniper rifle in Warface that lives up to the monstrous power of its legendary namesake. There are 99 other levels available, each containing amazing rewards and even weapons and gear, which offer an amazing bonus when equipped as a set.


You can unlock prizes from the first 10 levels for free with the trial version of the Battle Pass, but you’ll need the full version if you want to nab all the gear from the higher levels, all the way up to level 100 and beyond. And when you do reach level 100, the party doesn’t end there: keep completing challenges and earning points to unlock weapons from additional item boxes!

So how about it, are you ready to challenge the Syndicate?

Warface is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store as a free-to-play title. Battle Pass: Season 2 will activate after your game has been updated to the latest version.