Fortnite Seaosn X

Fortnite Season X – Out of Time Available Today on Xbox One

Time is twisted and the Zero Point has become volatile in Fortnite Season X. Whether you’re nostalgic for the past or excited for the future, there’s plenty for you to discover. Locations once thought to be lost have begun to appear on the island, but they aren’t the same as they once were…

Battle Royale

Board the Battle Bus and drop in, but keep an eye to the skies to spot the new Season X mech vehicle: the B.R.U.T.E. These merciless mechs seat two players and work best with a partner, so grab a squadmate, hop in, load up, and roll out.

Fortnite Seaosn X

A new season also means the debut of the Season X Battle Pass. Over 100 exclusive rewards are ready for you to unlock, and it still costs the same 950 V-bucks! This time around, you’ll get the X-Lord and Catalyst outfits instantly when you purchase. As you level up, you’ll unlock rewards like dual pickaxes, emotes, loading screens, outfit styles, and more. At Tier 100, you’ll unlock the hulking Ultima Knight Outfit.

New to this season’s Battle Pass are missions! Unlock rewards by completing a series of thematic objectives that will send you on adventures across the Island.

Lastly, is the ability to gift the Battle Pass to a friend! Available on Xbox One until August 15 (and timings may vary per region). Your first purchase also includes a unique gift box for you to use when gifting items from the shop.

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We hope you enjoyed playing the first ever player-made creative limited-time modes these last few weeks. Beach Assault and Prop Hunt mark the beginning of many community creations to be featured. Get your group ready, Season X will introduce entirely new ways to play and experience Fortnite Creative.

Save The World

Hit the road with non-stop action during a new limited-time event! Help beloved characters make the treacherous journey to the Radio Station so they can broadcast their Song of the Summer. The storm is deadly if you stray too far from the Hover-Truck, yet better equipment awaits those willing to face danger. You’ll need to make plenty of stops along the way so be sure to gear up to prepare for the final defense!

The Locker also makes its way to Save the World! To start off the season, the Locker will include emotes, music packs, and loading screens. More items from the Locker are on the way in future updates, head over to this blog to learn more.

Season X Asset Pack

The Fortnite Community Asset Pack has been updated with art from Season X. Download here to use in your projects and creations. Thank you for showing your passion and creativity within Fortnite!

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for details and download today.