Free Ignition Update Now Available in Skyforge on Xbox One

With the launch of the new Ignition update for Skyforge on Xbox One, the Immortals of Aelion are ready to welcome an 18th class into their esteemed ranks! The Firestarter class holds mastery over fire magic, and the ancient power wielded by these dark tricksters has been long-forgotten by Aelion. We recently told you about the Firestarters’ ties to an ancient fire-worshipping cult, and their creation at the hands of a demented Fire God. Now, we’re ready to show you the Firestarter’s battle capabilities and some other cool new features available in the Ignition update!

Become the Firestarter

The Firestarter is fully trained in seven amazing abilities primed to torch, melt, and completely incinerate any opponents foolish enough to do battle with them! Their twin torches are the primary source of their power, but their pyromania extends even further to total control over all manner of flames on the battlefield, making them well-suited in their versatile ranged support role. Here’s a breakdown of the Firestarter’s core abilities:

  • Burn: Twirl your torches with flair and an unflappable pizzazz to generate small fire projectiles, and gradually dish out damage from afar.
  • Flaming Sphere: Smaller fireballs not enough for you? This one will get bigger and bigger, and will eventually explode on contact, creating a damaging blast radius.
  • Fire Breath: This mystical power allows the Firestarter to breathe scorching flames, which is a powerful and effective deterrent for anything that strays too close.
  • Eruption: This will teach enemies not to stay in one place for too long. This ability causes a geothermal fire to erupt from the ground, scalding enemies in the ensuing fire fountain.
  • Fire Dance: Wanna get funky? Break out your fire moves, and drum up some incredible area of effect damage against any foul beast that dares to tango with you!
  • Path of Flame: Channel the Firestarter’s grace and agility to transform into a powerful Fire Cat! This flaming feline is a tiny terror that can really run rings around enemies. It’s purrfect to use against slow-moving opponents!
  • Incinerating Rain: Bring the battlefield to a standstill with this spectacular finisher. Summon an unstoppable storm of meteors to rain down all-out flaming vengeance!


It’s a kind of Magic

In addition to mastering a new class, veteran Immortals will also be able to explore a new specialization of the Divine Form known as the Aspect of Magic. If you achieve a higher level of divinity, the Aspect of Magic raises your God abilities to the next level, and it looks really cool too!

This form will surround your Immortal with five Ether spheres, each of which can unlock special skills to aid you in combat. This ranges from crowd control specials, boosts to ranged abilities, higher damage, longer stun time against enemies, and more. It will take some time to unlock, but the Aspect of Magic is a true achievement, and this Elder God form will certainly draw eyes and envy from allies and enemies alike! If you’re yet to unlock your Divine Form, simply progress through the main storyline to blaze down the road to deification.


Going underground

The recent New Horizons expansion literally opened up a world of new opportunities in Skyforge thanks to the addition of Terra, a planet teeming with life and deadly mysteries. The Draconids, a cold-blooded race of warriors, didn’t appear to be much of a threat on your last visit, but the ante has been well and truly upped this time around.

Beneath the surface of Terra you’ll find a threat from both the Draconids and Aelion’s long-time nemeses, the Phytonides. These alien threats are fighting each other in the City Ruins, but they won’t hesitate to attack anything else that stands in their way, including meddling Immortals. You’ll be able to take the Firestarter through this vast new dungeon, ready to square up to even larger, more imposing threats!

Skyforge and the Ignition update are available to download for free from the Microsoft Store now. The Firestarter class can be unlocked instantly by purchasing the Firestarter Collector’s Edition.

The Firestarter class can be unlocked instantly by purchasing the Firestarter Collector’s Edition. Skyforge and the Ignition update are available to download for free from the Microsoft Store.