Read These 5 Gameplay Tips Before You Begin Your Adventure in GreedFall on Xbox One

Our latest RPG, GreedFall, is finally available and we couldn’t be more excited! GreedFall sees you and a diverse party of companions adventuring across the uncharted, mystical island of Teer Fradee. The old continent is dying of a terrible plague, but Teer Fradee is rumored to hold treasures, lost secrets… and possibly even a cure.

There’s a big focus on player choice and freedom, with a variety of possible approaches to every encounter. While combat may prove necessary at times, you’ll need more than brawn to navigate the complex diplomacy and webs of intrigue between the island’s factions.

To prepare you for your adventure on Teer Fradee, we’ve put together a list of 5 tips before you set sail.


Choose your companions carefully and consider their specialties

In GreedFall, you’ll be able to bring up to two party members with you at any one time, out of a total of five possible companions. Your choice in party members has a big impact on both narrative and gameplay.

With regards to combat, each of your companions brings something special to the fight. To sustain yourself in longer fights, you may wish to bring along Siora thanks to her powerful healing magic. If you’ve specialized in getting up-close-and-personal with high defense, consider having Aphra on the backlines of battle where she can safely support you with firearms and explosives.

Your companions’ impact isn’t limited to battle. Each has their own unique background, origin and agenda, which must be considered when entering the game’s frequent diplomatic encounters. The right companion may unlock a useful contextual dialogue option, while another may bring forth an unwanted volatile outburst and scupper your chances at a peaceful resolution.


Optimize your approach to combat through your skills, talents, and attributes

You’re free to customize your character, de Sardet, in many ways. When it comes to choosing your approach to combat, much of this customization comes from GreedFall’s numerous skills, talents, and attributes.

The skill tree is designed to give you meaningful choices in how you develop your character, by not locking you into a single class or playstyle. While you’re free to totally specialize in one branch (for example, by putting all your points into the use of blades), it’s often beneficial to spread out your skill points among numerous branches. One example of this comes from the use of magic. By investing heavily into magic, you’ll be able to unleash some of the most devastating spells/abilities in the game. However, you’ll be restricted by your mana pool, so by putting a few points into firearms and melee weapons, you’ll be able to continue dishing out damage no matter what.

Talents are primarily related to out-of-combat skills (we’ll go into more detail on that later), though some will indirectly help you in battle. Vigor helps you overcome certain obstacles while exploring, but also enhances your HP regen outside of combat and lets you carry more ammunition. Attributes are important for increasing the effectiveness of your various abilities and dictate what equipment and armor you can use.


Discover hidden treasures and secrets in the hostile territories of Teer Fradee

Quests and missions aren’t your only incentives to traverse the mysterious island of Teer Fradee. You’ll want to explore as much as possible, as secrets are hidden in even the most unexpected of places.

As the new home for a multitude of factions, explorers and treasure seekers, there is a wealth of loot hidden throughout the island’s wilderness and inhabited settlements. The corpse of an unfortunate adventurer may be carrying a useful weapon for your party – but you’ll have to fight or sneak past a pack of deadly creatures to get to it. Other times, you may find a key along with some clue of what it unlocks. Follow the trail, and something worthwhile is sure to be at the end of it.


Equip yourself and your companions with hundreds of different outfits with detailed stats

Whether you’re dressing to be the strongest in combat, to fit in with one of the island’s factions, or just to look as fabulous as possible, you’ll have an incredible number of options to choose between. Each piece is affiliated with a different faction, so if you start carrying out requests for one in particular then there’s a good chance you’ll soon start dressing in a similar fashion.

You’ll also manage the outfits of your companions. Take a look at the stats and think carefully about whether they’re acting as a frontline fighter or ‘glass cannon’ damage dealer – or just kit out you and your party with the best-looking, complementary selection of outfits as possible! You can customize and improve many of these outfits down to the details, such as switching out a breastplate, strap or shoulders. This not only alters the appearance, but also changes the bonuses you get from equipping the outfit, letting you dig deep in pushing your characters stats as far as they can go.


Avoid diplomatic conflicts through your choice of talents

As well as skills that aid in combat, you also have a range of talents which help for exploration, crafting and during dialogues. Your choice of talents can totally change how you approach each quest in GreedFall, as each level of each talent opens new potential options.

Considering the amount of time you’ll spend talking among the various factions, Charisma is a tremendously helpful talent. Along with reducing merchant’s prices, the talent increases your chances of success for certain dialogue options, possibly changing the outcome of an encounter entirely.

On some quests, certain talents may help you avoid having to directly encounter anyone at all! Lockpicking is an obvious choice for this, though it isn’t the only way to unlock new paths. A point or two in Science not only gives you the ability to craft potions and ammunition, but also lets you blow up certain walls with explosive alchemical phials.

Thanks for reading – we’re delighted that GreedFall is available now, and we can’t wait for you all to experience an adventure of a lifetime on Teer Fradee. See you on the island!

GreedFall is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for additional purchase details.