NHL 20

Take to the Ice Today in EA Sports NHL 20, Available Now on Xbox One

Available worldwide today on Xbox One, EA Sports NHL 20 gives fans more ways to unlock their skill, style, and competition than ever before. With enhanced Real Player Motion (RPM) Technology and new Signature Shots, NHL 20 features faster, more fluid and more responsive gameplay than ever before. A completely new broadcast and commentary package celebrates the biggest plays in the game, while three all-new game modes let players compete for supremacy.

NHL 20 introduces the next major innovation in Real Player Motion (RPM) Technology powered gameplay through innovative new animation blending that allows players to execute shots, passes, and puck pickups at full skating speed, creating faster, more skilled and more fluid plays up and down the ice.

NHL 20

In addition, Signature Shots replicate the most recognizable shot styles of the biggest NHL stars, including PK Subban’s booming slapshot wind-up, Auston Matthews’s half toe-drag wrist shot, and Alex Ovechkin’s seamless one-timer. Also, new contextual shot animations make shooting more lifelike as players use new tools to get the puck on net.

RPM Tech also allows for new goaltender A.I. logic, including a full offensive threat analysis, allowing netminders to read and react to the development and threat level of each zone entry.

NHL 20

NHL 20 also introduces an all-new competitive way to play Ones and Threes called Eliminator, a winner-take-all competition inspired by battle royale. Ones Eliminator pits 81 players against each other in a survival tournament bracket en route to crowning the ultimate winner. In Threes Eliminator, players can squad up with friends and battle their way to the top of the leaderboard against increasingly competitive opponents.

With enhanced RPM tech, new Signature Shots, improved netminder logic, and new battle royale game modes, EA Sports NHL 20 improves upon all the features that have made it one of the best sports videogames franchises running. Get it today on Xbox One!

EA Sports NHL 20 is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.