Rock Band Rivals

Rock Band Rivals Season 13 is Here with New Challenges, DLC, and More

Fall is everyone’s favorite season. Until now.

Season 13 of Rock Band Rivals is primed to be your new favorite season. It’s got everything: new in-game instrument rewards, weekly DLC with awesome tracks for Halloween, and a birthday celebration! That’s right. Rock Band 4 is turning 4 (!!) in October so keep your eyes peeled for news about free content coming your way to celebrate.

Find your Crew, Crush your Rivals

Rock Band Rivals Season 13 will run from mid-September through mid-November, a time of year ripe with pumpkins and witchcraft.  Our season theme will be an instrument focus, with XP bumps, particular Spotlight selections and some great supporting DLC.  We have built a host of rewards to support Season 13, with specific rewards for each Rivals tier. Here are the bronze instruments:

Rock Band Rivals

Everyone in a crew will get these.  Remember, there’s a unique set of instruments for each tier, all the way to Bloodstone.  The select few who can make it to Bloodstone will get everything.

Play Rock Band Your Way

Rock Band 4 offers a huge catalog of songs available as DLC, well over 2000 songs to choose from.  We also release new content weekly.  For those of you who are curious to learn more about future releases, your best bet is to follow us social media – we update our channels regularly.  Our DLC calendar over the rest of the year is exciting – we have some fun things planned to support Rivals Season 13 and also some extra spooooky songs chosen specifically for Halloween.

We hope you enjoy Rivals Season 13 and also that you let us know what you think on our Facebook, Twitter and Discord channels!