Ghost Recon Breakpoint Launches in Early Access on Xbox One

Ghost Recon Breakpoint players with Gold or Ultimate editions can now explore the vast archipelago of Auroa as a lone Ghost trapped behind enemy lines, or as a co-op team of up to four Ghosts via Xbox Live. Ghost Recon Breakpoint standard edition will launch October 4.

Whether playing solo or co-op, either choice can give the game a different feel; in solo, there’s a sense of being hunted as you use every trick at your disposal to survive against overwhelming odds. In co-op, you’ll have greater firepower and a diverse range of tactical possibilities at your disposal. And having backup can make those overwhelming odds feel a little more even as you and your team match wits with advanced military drones and an elite spec-ops unit gone rogue.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

In co-op, players can use their class abilities and preferred playstyles to each bring something different to the table, and the safety of teammates being there to revive you creates more freedom to experiment with different tactics. Also, while you’re driving, your teammates can pile in and lean out the windows to open fire, turning even the most innocuous ride into a mobile weapons platform.

Co-op players aren’t necessarily joined at the hip, either. In co-op sessions, it’s possible to wander as far as you want from your partners, although you can fast-travel to them at any time. Co-op players can even pursue different objectives – although if multiple players take on the same mission, they’ll share progression and regroup during each cutscene. Even in missions, splitting up can be a viable tactic; alerted enemies will only focus on players who’ve been spotted, which means undiscovered players can continue to sneak around while their teammates draw fire. Alerted enemies will take up strategic positions and can spot you instantly, however, so players who want to stay undetected should be extra careful.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Playing completely solo, on the other hand, is a different kind of experience altogether. Without backup or a way to revive yourself (unless you’re playing as the Field Medic class, which can self-revive), mistakes can be deadly, and frontal assaults are better avoided. Sure, you can rain down destruction with a rocket launcher and few grenades if you’re feeling brazen, but staying stealthy, scouting targets with your drone, and slowly clearing a path through your enemies (while being careful to hide bodies) is the surest path to success. And when in doubt, remember that it’s sometimes a better idea to avoid enemies than to take them out.

However you decide to play, keep in mind that Auroa’s drones are designed to adapt accordingly. Drones that see or hear solo players (or any players, really) will hunt them relentlessly. Certain drones – like the Ogre, armed with its twin machine guns, or the Behemoth, with its seemingly endless supply of mortars – can independently target two or more players at once, and will position themselves where they can be the biggest threat to as many players as possible.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is available now with three-day early access for owners of the Gold and Ultimate editions and launches October 4 with the standard edition. Auroa is home to some of the deadliest adversaries the Ghosts have ever encountered, so whether you’re facing its dangers with a squad or as a stealthy solo operator, get ready to test your skills against the apex of military training and technology.