Sea Salt Key Art

Become an Eldritch God and Punish Heretics That Defy You in Sea Salt

The beauty of video games is that you can do whatever you want, so for our game we went for two things that are hard or not recommended to do in real life: being a God and being a bit evil.

Sea Salt takes place in a setting inspired by HP Lovecraft and European folklore, where you play as an Old God betrayed by the Bishop of your own religion. After you granted your followers food, fortune, and fair winds for their fishing boats, The Bishop, who lead your human followers on land, turned out to be an unworthy coward when it was time to pay the final price…so now, when the deal between man and the Old God of the sea is broken, they will find is your vengeance!

Sea Salt

Our approach to Sea Salt’s design is not as a ‘classic’ God sim, but more like an action strategy hybrid, where the look and feel comes from classic real-time strategy games but the agency of an action game. While you are an unseen force, you can guide a swarm of monsters, horrors and cultists to teach the villagers and religious figures to take the promises in their prayers more seriously. Unlocking and assembling your own army of creatures, each with different strengths and weaknesses, is the key to overcoming the different challenges in the game.

While playtesting, we had a great time assembling our own perfect troops of horrors. By picking different tarot cards you unlock throughout the game you can command troops like the extremely resilient human-eating crabs, explosive jumping toads, a lich that raises fallen enemies, slime spitters that slow enemies down with their secretions, the shaman that will power up your troops with his prayers and many more. You can see some of these minions in action in the new trailer we just released!

Sea Salt

Next to a full story mode we also added a ‘Tower Defence’ mode to the game. In this variation of the game each round starts with NPC humans setting up defences around a map, then it’s up to you to destroy it all for the glory of the Old God. With different maps and win conditions, this mode adds an extra playground to the game where you can experiment and master the hordes of the deep.

Our core development team is just two people (that is Christopher and me) and we’ve been working on Sea Salt for a couple years now, which makes it even more exciting that it will land on Xbox One & Windows 10 on October 17! If you have any questions or want to say hi you can reach us at @YCJYgames.