Five Tips for Building the Perfect Fish Zoo in Megaquarium on Xbox One

One of the joys of visiting an aquarium is seeing the marine life swimming in harmony behind the glass. But what you’ll discover when playing Megaquarium, available now on Xbox One, is that it takes a lot of work to make such spectacular aquatic displays.

Megaquarium is a management game like Zoo Tycoon, except it’s all about fish! You need to design the layout of your aquarium, pick the right pumps and filters for your tanks, research new fish, hire staff, and keep your guests happy. There’s lots to do, but don’t fret, as I have five fishy tips to get you on your way to building the underwater zoo of your dreams.


Don’t stress out your fish

All the fish in Megaquarium need certain requirements to be happy. This includes being fed the right food, having the plants and shelters they like in their tank, and not being overcrowded. Make sure you meet all their requirements so they don’t get stressed. And don’t put bullies in the same tank as wimpy fish. That’s just mean.


Have a tank for different species

It’s a good idea to put different species in the same tank rather than mixing them up. That way you know all your rays, sharks, jellies, and crabs will get along. It also avoids your guests getting bored after seeing the same fish over and over. Just watch out for the fish that don’t like living with their own species!


Keep your layout simple

Put some thought into how your guests will navigate your aquarium. It’s best to use corridors and arrows to funnel them down certain paths. That way you know there’s more chance they’ll see every different type of fish you have on display. In return, you’ll get more Prestige and can research new fish quicker.


Give staff priorities and zones

Hire staff with different skills, whether that’s cleaning, fixing machinery, or feeding the fish. You’ll want to give them Roles in the staff management screen that reflect their talents. It also helps to assign staff to different zones in your aquarium. So if one person is good at feeding fish, make sure they work near the sharks as feeding them takes lots of skill – you don’t want an amateur doing it.


Attend to your guests’ needs

Don’t forget to provide facilities for your guests. Place vending machines, toilets, and benches evenly around your aquarium so they can find the services they need. Ensuring guests don’t have to travel too far for these facilities means there’s less chance they’ll miss some of your tanks.

Now you’re ready to get building your own watery exhibits in Megaquarium. Don’t forget to install an underwater tunnel – who doesn’t like those? And next time you visit an aquarium, you might find that you can name the fish and recognize the plant life in the tanks. I know I can after playing this game!

Megaquarium is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.