Grip: Combat Racing - DeLorean DLC

The DeLorean 2650 is Available Now in Grip: Combat Racing

The DMC DeLorean is one of the most iconic cars ever made. Since its creation, there really hasn’t been anything else like it. Those immediately recognizable rear lights, the gull-wing doors, the retro yet futuristic look, the sleek windshield leading to an edgy front end…

It’s a sharp, timeless bullet of a car.

Taking this iconic car with such a famous design and turning it into one that fit into the chaotic and futuristic Grip: Combat Racing world was a bit of a challenge. We had to give it huge wheels without looking stupid. We had to bolster it with armor and bring it into the 27th century. We had to design a completely new other side that not only looked cool and unique, but fit well with the “top” side.

Grip: Combat Racing - DeLorean DLC

We also had to give it wings.

One interesting aspect of Grip’s vehicles is that their designs need to compliment axles for wheels as well as wings/thrusters that allow them to turn into anti-gravity ships. Rollers and Airblades, is what we call them. Two very different vehicle types dumped into one race. The DeLorean was no different – it needed to look great with both wheels and wings. You be the judge:

Grip: Combat Racing - DeLorean DLC

The first thing we did was center the vehicle in its huge tires and then bulk the car up with armor. You can see paneling on the hood, the windows (which are no longer glass), the bumpers, the roof, and pretty much every inch of surface on the car.

Then we had to find a place for the jet thrusters, while keeping the iconic rear of the car intact. We blasted some holes and stuck in some pipes to give the rear an even more powerful and rugged.

Grip: Combat Racing - DeLorean DLC

Next was the underside, which was a completely new addition to a DeLorean and required something that was a departure from the top, but still fit the overall themes well. What we came up with was something almost like a functional undercarriage.

Last were the wings, which were admittedly one of the hardest parts to do, as a car with wings can easily turn out a hideous monstrosity. As it turned out, the car doesn’t look ugly at all, and actually looks pretty damn awesome.

Grip: Combat Racing - DeLorean DLC

The DeLorean 2650 was a massively enjoyable but tricky endeavor. More design thought went into this car than probably any choice of three other cars from Grip’s roster. The results are a meticulous inception of what we thought an absolutely decked out, futuristic, armored up, jet powered, big wheeled or slick winged DeLorean would look like.  e know people are going to love it as much as we do.

Grip: Combat Racing is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. It’s also included with Xbox Game Pass. Click here for additional product information.

The DeLorean 2650 is available now for Grip: Combat Racing in the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.