Video For Fear Evolved Event Returns to Ark: Survival Evolved for Halloween

Fear Evolved Event Returns to Ark: Survival Evolved for Halloween

If you’ve been playing Ark: Survival Evolved since early access, chances are you’ve seen a fair share of content added to the game. From the original dinosaurs like the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex to the more recently added Deinonychus, there is no shortage of creatures or content to explore. Seeing pictures and creations shared from the community made me realize what’s being created are memories. People are proud of an enormous base they’ve built, or they may even be attached to a rare Spinosaurus they’ve tamed, but at the core, they are attached to the memories associated with those things.

Unique events in Ark: Survival Evolved create special memories for our survivors and within the community, there are heated debates on which event is the best! Our Halloween event Ark: Fear Evolved is often named as a community favorite and an event that has created an abundance of memories for the community. You might remember the very first DodoRex that spawned and wreaked havoc across the island! If not I’m sure you remember the Fall colors in the environment, skeleton dinos, or the blood-moon that illuminated the zombies wandering in the pitch-dark night.

Ark: Survival Evolved

This event holds even more nostalgia from our seasoned survivors because it’s been three years since we’ve held Fear Evolved. We can’t bring back our most requested event without some new additions, can we?  Capitalizing on feedback from the community, we are bringing back everything they love about Fear Evolved and added content from recent events that were received positively.

Customization is important for survivors and we’re adding more ‘spooky’ emotes and custom underwear skins so you can express yourself!  In polls and requested feedback, our community expressed the importance of an appropriate theme and environment for events, which often includes wild creature spawns with unique color themes that fit the event.  We’ve included that feedback and more for the latest Fear Evolved!

Ark: Survival Evolved

As seasoned and new survivors experience Ark: Survival Evolved, I am reminded that the memories are why we are here. Providing engaging and unique experiences is what our community has come to expect from Ark and in return we are are given wonderful community content from their experiences. Whether it’s trying to find the DodoWyvern in Fear Evolved or searching for RaptorClaus elusive presence in Winter Wonderland, we are in the business of creating memories!