Pixel Gladiator

Pixel Gladiator Comes to Xbox One Today

Greetings from Flying Islands Team!

We are excited to finally bring our concept of dynamic tower defense with hardcore action and huge bosses to Xbox One! We think that the genre of tower defense is ready to evolve, and our vision of what the next step should look like is Pixel Gladiator. Our idea is to allow you to build your base and fight with hordes of enemies by yourself in the same game.

Pixel Gladiator

You can train your tactics in three arenas, each with different environment. First is basic, quite similar with main survival mode, ten waves and a boss. Second area is on the hovering platforms, which force you to be mobile in order to avoid all flying enemies (purchase of rocket-boots is highly recommended). Third and last area is in an underground cave. Starting amount of money is higher, which allows you to try different approaches in defense tactics. What is more efficient for you: build walls first, or buy a better equipment? The choice is yours.

You’ve passed all the arenas? Now you’re ready for the main event of this show. Main survival mode offers you more equipment and upgrades, unlimited number of waves and unique bosses on every tenth wave. Drones, Massive attacks and mech warrior are awaiting for you.

Pixel Gladiator

Each boss in survival mode leaves you bonus items that make you stronger, faster or give unique abilities. How about boots which leave burning footsteps to damage the enemies?

Sometimes, death is inevitable, but you always can try again, returning stronger, smarter and angrier. Fight. Build. Die. Repeat and reach the peak. Check your score in the leaderboards. Are you the best gladiator? You can find all this stuff in our game and we hope you’ll like it!

Pixel Gladiator is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.