Generation Zero

Generation Zero Content Update: Rivals and Experimental Weapons

Greetings from the Generation Zero team!

Generation Zero is set in an alternative 1980s Sweden in the region of Östertörn and it’s about exploring atmospheric and mysterious environments while also engaging in first-person guerrilla action again hostile machine invaders. All the while you are trying to understand where they originated from, what their purpose is, and where the local population has disappeared off to, while simultaneously scavenging for weapons and equipment to fight them back.

New Content Update

Generation Zero updates on a regular basis, adding content while listening to player feedback alongside bug fixing. In past updates, we’ve released things like bikes and stashes (in-game storage), but in this one we are focusing on intensifying the combat experience through the introduction of Rival and Experimental Weapons.


Whether you’ve beaten the game or are just starting out new, Rivals will add a whole new type of challenge for all of you out there. As you fight your way through Östertörn the Machines will start taking extra notice as you destroy more and more of them. Destroy enough and one may evolve to become even more dangerous than usual. These Regional Rivals will be designated by a name and a title that hints at the origin of their evolution. Rivals can additionally be created should they defeat you – these Personal Rivals will have evolved due to their prowess in combat against the humans. Like the Regional Rivals, Personal Rivals will also be designated by a name and title that corresponds to their exploits.

Generation Zero

But the threat doesn’t end there. How you perform in the world has an impact on how the Rivals evolve even further. Should your Rivals defeat you again, or should you defeat loads of other machines, they will earn experience and level up. Each level makes them that much more deadly – at max level it’s best to think about bringing friends!

Experimental Weapons

What are new threats without new rewards for taking them out?! To match the challenge involved in taking out Rivals, we’ve created a new tier of weapon for each weapon class that have a chance to drop when you defeat them. As the Rivals get stronger, chances increase that you will get your hands on these powerful weapons. One thing you’ll immediately notice about them is that they look like a mashup of existing weapons and the technology used by the machines – so as you can imagine they are a bit different and more powerful than your standard versions.

Halloween Event

As it’s the season to dress up as your favorite spooky characters, Generation Zero will be running a timed event in-game where players can try to grab outfit pieces from 4 different Halloween-classic inspired characters – so be sure to hop in and destroy some machines for your chance to earn everything!

Thanks for reading and we hope you have a blast taking on a host of new challenges and grabbing those in-game treats!

Generation Zero is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.