Planet Coaster

X019: Planet Coaster Rolling to Xbox One in Summer 2020

Frontier, creators of the beloved Planet Coaster, debuted their console announce trailer at X019 in a world first exclusive. After a successful three years on PC, Planet Coaster is coming to Xbox One in Summer 2020, including all free content and features that have been added to the game since launch.

As the multi-award winning and highest rated coaster simulation game of all time, Frontier’s management simulator challenges players to dream big and build bigger as they create their theme park empire. With physics-driven realism, players will watch park guests experience every twist and turn as they experience their park with an unrivaled level of detail.

Planet Coaster offers advanced simulation where players control every aspect of their creations, from the cost of your coffee to the speed of their coasters, in a bid to create the most thrilling experience for visitors.

Planet Coaster’s tools offer players unlimited creativity in a deep and rewarding series of challenges on their journey to coaster building fame.

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