Game Pass Quests

Xbox Game Pass Quests (Preview) Available Now

Test out the new Xbox Game Pass Quest features

We’re excited to bring you into the next chapter of Xbox Game Pass Quests, where members get rewarded with Microsoft Rewards points for playing the games they love. There are more than 80 Quests available that repeat daily, weekly and monthly!

If you’re an Xbox Insider, you can now try a preview of our new Xbox Game Pass Quest features through December 19, 2019. See below for further details.

Game Pass Quests

How does it work?

Head to the Xbox Game Pass tab on your Xbox One console to check out your Quests (see screenshot below). You can start completing Quests by following the tasks outlined for each one, track your progress and claim points on your console. Later this week, you will be able to view quests, track progress and claim points for Quests via the Xbox Game Pass mobile app.

What’s new?

We’re always listening to our Xbox Game Pass members and, as a result of your feedback, have implemented many new features and Quest types to make this a great experience for Xbox Game Pass members.

More Quest Types

Historically, Xbox Game Pass Quests have been Achievement-based. We have added more new, fun ways to earn points and would love to hear what you think! Your feedback drives us keep making Xbox Game Pass great.

  • Members can now play any Xbox Game Pass titles for Xbox One to earn points.  
  • For gaming completionists, new Quests can be achieved by completing multiple Quests! 
  • As a new feature, there are also quests where members can complete one or more steps of a Quest to earn points.
  • We now have daily, weekly and monthly Quests, ensuring there’s always something new to play.
  • Members can complete Quests that are based on hero stats, allowing greater variety and more unique Quests.

Claim Rewards points wherever you are

  • Instant notifications. Once you complete a Quest, you will receive a notification on console prompting you to claim your points.  
  • Claim on console. Submit your Quests for Microsoft Rewards points from multiple surfaces across dash – the Quest details dialog, My Profile, and the twist channel. 
  • Claim on mobile. Submit your Quests for Microsoft Rewards points from the Xbox Game Pass mobile app.  
  • In addition to above, you can claim your points until December 19th, even if that Quest is no longer active.  
Game Pass Quests

How to Participate

To participate in the Game Pass Quest (Preview), you must be…

  • A member of Xbox Game Pass for Console or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate  
  • Enrolled in an insider ring and opted into the Xbox Insider program. If you’re interested in joining the Xbox Insider program, you can find more information here
  • In one of these markets: US, CA, UK, BR, AU, IE, NZ, SG, FR, DE, MX, BE, IT, NL, NO, ES, SE, HK, TW 

If you don’t have Xbox Game Pass for Console or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can still browse Quests on your console.

Please Submit Your Feedback

For support, join the discussion at the Xbox Insider Subreddit

To file a bug, press the home button on your Xbox One controller, select Report a problem > Add new problem > Dashboard > Xbox Game Pass 

Your input is crucial for us to continue to improve the experience for Xbox Game Pass members. We could not do it with you and the efforts of our fans. Thank you for your continued support and happy gaming!