Minecraft Players on PS4 Join Bedrock Starting Tomorrow, Enabling Cross-Play

Starting tomorrow, Minecraft players on the PlayStation 4 Edition will begin updating to the unified Bedrock version of Minecraft. This means that cross-platform play will be active across Xbox One, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android mobile devices, Gear VR and now PS4.*

In addition, PS4 players will now have their purchased content and progress carry across platforms and have access to the ever-growing in-game store – a source for worlds, skins, mini-games, and mash up packs – meaning PS4 players will have not just a better Minecraft experience than ever before, but more Minecraft than ever.

The new update will install automatically and free of charge for PS4 players the next time they start Minecraft. The free update will also never expire and all game purchases after today for PS4 will always be for this new version.

*Cross-Play requires other platforms of Minecraft to be running update 1.14, including PlayStation 4 systems, have their platform-dependent online service set up (e.g. PS Plus, Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch Online), and be signed into their free Microsoft Account.