Happy Fortnite Winterfest

Greetings, Xbox community!

Before we drop into a new year of Fortnite, there’s still plenty of holiday cheer spreading across the Island.

The fun begins with Winterfest. Between now and January 7, every time you fire up Fortnite on your Xbox One you’ll have a chance to unwrap free rewards in the Winterfest Lodge. In total you will be able to open 14 presents, including two outfits, two gliders, two pickaxes, two wraps, one emote, and more. The Lodge also features a special stocking where you’ll receive daily challenges that reward you with prizes and XP.

Outside of the Lodge, you can showcase your holiday style with the upcoming chill new outfits with the Polar Legends Pack available on December 23. The pack includes:

  • Codename E.L.F. outfit* (with selectable Minty Style)
  • The Devourer outfit (with built-in Emote)
  • Frozen Nog Ops outfit
  • Frozen Fish Stick outfit

The end of the year also marks the perfect time to celebrate all things Star Wars, including the release of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” Your favorite characters — including both Kylo Ren and Zorii Bliss — are available in the Item Shop alongside Star Wars-themed gliders, back blings, and emotes. Once in battle, be sure to grab a blaster and your favorite legendary lightsabers made popular by Rey, Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, and Mace Windu.

But there’s more! To wrap-up the year, we’re also letting you jump in with some of the year’s most popular LTM gameplay modes, including Zone Wars. You can also grab a friend and be among the first to try our new split-screen mode in Duos and Squads.

Also, Save the World Founder’s Packs are now 50% off until January 17. Save the World is a co-op, looter-shooter, survival mode with hundreds of hours of content. Level-up your Commanders, expand your collection of unique weapons, and build the perfect Hero loadout to fight back the Husks!

From everyone at Epic Games, we hope you have a wonderful holiday. Happy Winterfest!

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