New Minecraft Earth Features Out Now


  • Minecraft Earth introduces Player Journal and updated Challenges today
  • Additional new features added recently include Adventure Crystals and Buildplate Link Sharing

It’s been nearly six months since the first tappables were tapped and buildplates were built in Minecraft Earth with our initial early access release. We’ve used these six months to test, build, and collect feedback from our players to shape an experience that continues to evolve and change.

Today, we’re excited to share some of the new tools and features that we’ve been working on:

  • Player Journal, released today, provides a way to collect and track different mobs and blocks collected and gain rewards for unique items. You could also say that this provides a way to earn bragging rights amongst your friends!
  • Today we also released an update to Challenges, giving them a makeover and introducing new challenge Seasons. Pick your path through the Season map to complete challenges and unlock rewards! You can even unlock new character creator clothing to wear in vanilla Minecraft. Challenges can now also be refreshed through randomized tappables for players to collect.  
  • Adventure Crystals, released on March 25, give players an easy way to experience Adventures (which were previously tied to a physical location) in their home, their backyard, or wherever they are. Players collect these through tappables and can spawn them anywhere and anytime to play and gain rewards. Common Crystals are given as daily rewards, but you need to find chests inside adventures to discover crystals and adventures of higher rarity!
  • Buildplate Link Sharing, released on April 14, allows players to share their Minecraft Earth creations with friends simply by sending them a link they generate in-game or on social media. But worry not – links shared are a copy of the original world, so your little brother isn’t actually able to destroy your masterpiece.

The Minecraft Earth team and I also want to take a moment to acknowledge the current global COVID-19 situation. We have been adapting the game accordingly over the last few weeks by increasing tappable spawn rate and density, introducing Adventure Crystals and removing location-based dependencies, and trying to find ways to help empower Minecraft Earth players to continue to build, craft, Adventure, and mine from the safety of their own homes.

Minecraft Earth is poised to continue growing as we regularly develop new tools, experiences and features. So much of this growth is due to the valuable community feedback we’ve received thus far, so we’d like to say “thank you” and stay tuned – there’s much more to come in the months ahead.