Destroy All Humans!

Destroy All Humans! – The Epic Return of a Cult Classic is Now Available for Pre-order on Xbox One

Seldom, if ever, does a producer get to be a part of completely rebuilding one of his favorite game experiences of all time…yet here we are… fifteen years later!

The timeless themes and transcendent humor of Destroy All Humans! truly make it a story for the ages. The game’s presentation of the U.S. in the 1950’s through the lens of an extremely violent, quick witted, alien equipped with a completely over-the-top arsenal of weapons on a mission to harvest human DNA feels even more fresh and fun today on Xbox One!

Destroy All Humans!

Meet Crypto!

Putting story and VO chock-full of hilarious one-liners aside, we have worked with Black Forest Games to completely rebuild the Destroy All Humans! gameplay experience. We have modernized gameplay and enhanced essentially everything in-game, including adding all new content such as the highly anticipated Lost Mission.  

Fans of the franchise can look forward to faster, more responsive controls, including the ability to use multiple abilities together. Crypto’s legendary weapons cache, from the Anal Probe and Abducto Beam to Psychokinesis and Teslatastic Electricity, is all in there! Of course players will take to the skies in Crypto’s flying saucer.

Destroy All Humans!

We know expectations are high when giving a cult classic the remake treatment but as uberfans, ours are even higher. In addition to major graphical improvements, players will immediately notice brand new, redesigned tutorials and cut scenes created using the very best in motion capture technology. We’ve even inserted a bit more variety with a cast of new NPC’s, bringing more new life to the game world.

Reactions from longtime fans and gamers new to the Destroy All Humans! franchise at shows like E3, gamescom, and PAX have been awesome! It’s almost time for all players to take One. Small. Step. On Mankind. as we prepare for a worldwide launch this Summer on July 28! Pre-order your copy right now on the Microsoft Store!

Destroy All Humans!

Oh – and in case you’re wondering which pre-order skin I’ll be donning this Summer…

Xbox Live

Destroy All Humans! Pre Order

THQ Nordic

Pre-order Destroy All Humans! now to gain Early Access 48 hours before launch and receive the special Skin Pack for free! Dress Crypto up as the King of Rock and Roll, an evil Clown and more! The invasion is on!