Desperados III

Violent Puzzles and a Party of Five in Desperados III

We knew that creating a new adventure for gun-slinging, knife-fighter John Cooper, nearly twenty years after his initial debut, meant we needed a completely fresh take on the Desperados franchise. The team at Mimimi Games had proven experience creating stealth-oriented, real-time tactics games and a desire to elevate the genre while taking unique advantage of the rich, wild west, Desperados world. 

Desperados III

Desperados III is a story-driven experience and from that perspective, Desperados III is a prequel. No previous knowledge of the franchise is necessary, but fans of the franchise can look forward to learning about Cooper’s childhood – how he came to know legendary bounty hunter Doc McCoy and enticing Kate O’Hara. Fans can also look forward to meeting new characters in Cooper’s gang such as Hector Mendoza and Isabelle Moreau.

Desperados III

This party of five Desperados will encounter complex, sandboxy missions that will require both strategic planning and the clever combination a wide variety of skills. Players will need to weigh the risks and benefits of going in guns blazing or taking a more stealthy approach to completing each mission. Most situations can be described as violent puzzles with a huge variety of possible solutions. New gameplay mechanics like improved planning in Showdown Mode allows players to pause the action while they chart their next steps. While in Showdown Mode, players will also be able to cue actions for John, Doc, Kate, Hector and Isabelle – a major improvement of a feature that was brought to the genre by the Desperados franchise.

What we call Civil Zones is another new mechanic we’re bringing to the Desperados III experience. Without raising any suspicion, players can explore a town, listening in on conversations in an effort to pick up hints on how to complete a mission in particularly elegant ways. This adds another layer of depth and complexity we think fans will really appreciate.

Desperados III

Desperados III will be available for Xbox One X on June 16 and the pre-order is available now on the Microsoft Store! From many hands-on opportunities at shows like E3, gamescom, and PAX, we know that console players have been waiting a long time for a story-driven tactical stealth game of this quality and can’t wait for them to play!

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Desperados III Deluxe Edition

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The Desperados III Deluxe Edition includes the main game and the Season Pass. The Desperados III Season pass includes 3 DLCs, each featuring a brand new mission. The DLCs will be released post launch in 2020 and tell the story of a new adventure that takes place after the events of the main game.