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Xbox Ambassadors Spread Positivity on Twitter

Over the last 30 days, Xbox Ambassadors spread positivity throughout the gaming community on Twitter. A challenge set by the Xbox Ambassadors program, which asked Ambassadors to share “what gaming for everyone means to them” on Twitter using #30DaysOfPositivity.

Not only did Xbox Ambassadors share what gaming for everyone means to them, but they also shared how gaming is bringing people together during this time of social distancing. Additionally, Ambassadors provided hope and encouragement to the gaming community through this challenge.

Xbox Ambassadors Spread Positivity

At Xbox, we believe gaming should be inclusive of all, accessible to all, and safe for all. Through the 30 Days of Positivity challenge, Xbox Ambassadors expressed similar values.

SammieChaos proclaimed, “Gaming is a place where all types of people can connect and have fun together as a community,” she continues, “No matter your background. It’s a place where you build relationships and grow together with one common interest. Always be kind and spread love. Gaming is for everyone!”

Countless other Xbox Ambassadors chimed in and expressed what gaming for everyone means to them. Secret Asian 29 tweeted, “Gaming is for everyone — regardless of your background or abilities. The only thing that matters is your attitude. Regardless of your age, where you’re from, what obstacles you’ve faced…we can all come together, play games, and have fun!”

Pandy Yato also shared similar sentiment adding, “Gaming is the great equalizer. Removing boundaries and differences between people, it is a force for good and change that sees us all accepted for what we love, for who we are, and creates communities that open their arms to everyone.”

Xbox Ambassadors Encourage the Community

Taking the prompt a step further, other Xbox Ambassadors shared positivity and encouragement during this time of social distancing. Many Ambassadors encouraged others to virtually hang out with friends or new players by hopping into one of their favorite multiplayer games, showing that even in these times, people can still get together, just in a virtual way.

Pyrosplayhouse tweeted, “Even though we must avoid gathering in large crowds this doesn’t mean we can’t still hang out with friends and family. Pick up your controller and headset and have a virtual hang out with some of your favorite multiplayer games!”

Others shared that now is an excellent time to finish games in their cue or even replay their favorite games. “Being stuck in self-quarantine has given me the chance to play some of my all-time favorite games and experience part of my upbringing all over again,” shared Snarkizard.

KingOfWombat gave encouragement to parents, “With the current events of today, there’s no better time to teach your kids how to play video games. You don’t need to teach them to play Call of Duty or something complex. Even a simple game of UNO or Monopoly Plus can make family game night fun for everyone.”

Within 30 days, gamers around the world sprinkled positivity across Twitter, shedding a little bit of light in these unusual times.

We Challenge You

Throughout this challenge, Xbox Ambassadors shared positivity, encouraged others, and expressed what gaming for everyone means to them.

Join the quest, spread positivity, share what gaming for everyone means to you, or provide some encouragement to others. Use #30DaysOfPositivity, and let’s make gaming a fun and safe place for all to play!